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With the aid of the Expo, Ningbo will continue to give full play to its advantages in foreign trade

On the afternoon of the 7th, the Ningbo-the belt and road initiative Trade Docking Conference and the Signing Ceremony for Major Procurement Projects were held in Shanghai. A batch of advanced manufacturing equipment and other procurement agreements were signed on site. It is understood that the signing ceremony for procurement projects included a total of 26 projects from 11 countries and regions including Germany, Poland, Sri Lanka, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

With the aid of the Expo, Ningbo will continue to give full play to its advantages in foreign trade
With the aid of the Expo, Ningbo will continue to give full play to its advantages in foreign trade

Ningbo is a major foreign trade city. In the first three quarters of this year, the total import and export volume of Ningbo reached 681.01 billion yuan, up 6.8%. Among them, the export value was 444.12 billion yuan and the import value was 236.89 billion yuan, up 8.2% and 4.3% respectively, with the national share rising to 3.56% and 2.27% respectively. Cross-border e-commerce transactions continued to lead the country. In the first three quarters, the amount of cross-border e-commerce imports and check-and-release orders reached 13.5 billion yuan and 74.9 million votes respectively, up 38.7% and 27.1%, ranking first in the country.
Due to its advantages in ports and the like, Ningbo was approved as a national comprehensive test zone for cross-border e-commerce in January 2016. The bonded import business of cross-border e-commerce online shopping has ranked first in the country since June 2018 and has always maintained a national lead, with the overall business scale accounting for more than a quarter of the country.

Chen lizhen, deputy director of Ningbo municipal bureau of commerce, said that next, Ningbo will expand and strengthen its cross-border import business around the innovation of cross-border e-commerce system, optimization of business environment and expansion of development mode. In terms of expanding cross-border e-commerce emerging markets, we will speed up the construction of the Central and Eastern Europe Trade Logistics Park and the “the belt and road initiative” port and shipping logistics service center, give full play to the functions of Ningbo Import Commodity Center and Ningbo Trade Logistics Park in Central and Eastern Europe, and continue to carry out cross-border e-commerce market expansion in Central and Eastern Europe countries.
Actively expand the cross-border online to offline of goods from Central and Eastern European countries, introduce a number of overseas enterprises and brands to Ningbo to set up “domestic warehouses”, develop direct supply of overseas brands, and build Ningbo into a “bridgehead” for overseas brands to enter the Chinese market.

Innovating the development mode to promote the integration and development of cross-border e-commerce. It mainly includes vigorously expanding the “cross-border+e-commerce” mode, encouraging foreign trade enterprises to import products through general trade, making use of international and domestic e-commerce platforms for retail sales, and supporting qualified foreign trade enterprises to set up off-line physical examination shops to realize the integrated development of on-line and off-line. Build a global headquarters, regional headquarters, innovation center and operation center for cross-border e-commerce to promote “the gathering of ten thousand enterprises”. At the same time, deepen system innovation, create an excellent business environment, and continue to explore the “Ningbo model” of cross-border e-commerce supervision.

Yan Weiguo, deputy secretary-general of the Ningbo municipal government, said that through the “225” double trillion foreign trade operation, we hope to achieve new breakthroughs in the import of high-quality commodities through major platforms such as the Expo and the Central and Eastern European Countries’ Fair. By 2025, Ningbo will be built into a “China Intelligent Equipment Import Center”, “National Commodity Import Center along the the belt and road initiative Line” and a “Commodity Import and Distribution Center for the whole country and the Asia-Pacific region”.


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