Which foreign trade company is the most promising?

Many foreign trade people will struggle with such a question: what kind of company is a good choice?

Which foreign trade company is the most promising?
Which foreign trade company is the most promising?

On this issue, I have several suggestions:

01 Students ask questions Sam, hello.

I have been working for a year and have been in two companies.

Basically, apart from Ali platform, there are no resources inclined to me, and the company is not even sure about the quality of the factory.

Now I quit my job, but I still want to engage in foreign trade. I don’t know how to choose a suitable company for myself. I am very confused.

02 My advice It is very difficult to choose a suitable company once.

And, what is suitable?

And what are your specialties? What kind of working environment and atmosphere do you need? What kind of industry do you like?

I think you can pay attention to these two aspects:

1) The general situation of the company and how about its boss I don’t think as a foreign trader with enough working experience, the most important thing is to learn something and get exercise.

Follow is very important to people, or the boss is very important.

Because the boss decides how to employ people, the boss affects the company’s atmosphere, the boss’s experience or values are passed on to the employees, the boss’s vision and tolerancedetermine whether to value you, how much he is willing to teach you, and what growth space the boss creates for the employees.

These all determine whether a person can grow up quickly and realize his personal value.

Of course, even in an interview, you don’t necessarily meet the boss. So you can ask the boss of the company during the interview.

If the boss has strong ability, the expression and tone of the employees can only be admired and proud.

I suggest you can follow a boss who also does business, so you can learn more.

2) How about the product Products are still quite important, and it is less difficult to sell good products.
If you have the opportunity to interview many enterprises, you can compare the products well, because the industry is behind it.

03 You are also choosing a company In fact, I have seen many similar cases when answering questions backstage.

Many people said they took many detours and changed several jobs, but they still didn’t get what they wanted. They felt that the road to foreign trade was very difficult.
In fact, that’s because you didn’t find the right one when you started looking for a job, so long as it was a job, you would do it.

Whether the management structure of the company is sound, how much space the salesmen have to give full play to, the working system, commission and so on, all need to be discussed.

When looking for a job again, sum up past experience, make a list of requirements for the company and the job, what you don’t want, what you want, what you can tolerate, and find out.
Don’t think too grandiose, be practical.

For example, we want to relax our corporate policies so as to help us give full play to our subjective initiative. Hope to be able to contact product line conditionally and learn product knowledge deeply. ……

Remember, finding a job is always a two-way choice. Not only does the company need to choose people, you also need to make a good inspection of the company.

Don’t look for a job in order to find a job, you should plan your future direction in the next few years and think about whether this company has the environment and strength for your development.

You can do a little research on several products you want to do, such as its product structure, production principle, market demand, development possibility, etc. See what kind of products you are interested in, the more interested you are, the more willing you are to study them.

If you are not interested, it is estimated that even the best company will have no interest in doing so in the end.

After comparing the selected products, find several powerful companies and study the software and hardware, factory strength, development strength, annual output value growth and company atmosphere.

You can call for advice, find a company that meets your needs and expectations, and make a long-term development plan.
Foreign trade companies with less liquidity may be better. The longer a company’s salesperson stays, the better the company’s sustainability, and you have more objects to exchange and learn from.

You should communicate more with your colleagues. Don’t just focus on finding customers, developing customers and receiving orders. You can also ask and look at others.

04 Platforms and resources In addition, the biggest problem that restricts the development of some foreign traders lies in the poor platform and resources of the company. What we are talking about here is not the exhibition and B2B platform that everyone wants.

It refers to:

No one can help you get familiar with the market and industry, the company’s development focus is not on foreign trade, resources are not tilted to foreign trade sales, no one can give you some business advice, etc.

These are the more important platforms and resources that we need to pay attention to when choosing jobs.
Another suggestion for you:

Don’t believe in big companies or factories, only choose a fast-growing company and follow a wise and courageous leader. Whether it is a large company or a small company, whether it is a foreign trade company or a factory.

In other words, no matter how you choose, the first thing to consider is not the size and role of the company, but whether it is a fast-growing company.

More from the company’s managers to understand, whether he has the ambition to forge ahead and fully develop, and whether he can make clear decisions.


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