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Experience: What should a newcomer who has just come into contact with foreign trade do?

Foreign trade as a cross-border transaction, many people think it is quite high before contacting foreign trade, but as a new person contacting foreign trade, they are confused. Because I don’t know where to start and what to do every day. New people often ask in some foreign trade forums: how do new people do foreign trade? What do you do every day? In fact, this is a problem that many foreign trade newcomers are bound to encounter. What are the answers to these two questions? Foreign trade business consulting software is here to give you analysis.

Experience: What should a newcomer who has just come into contact with foreign trade do?
Experience: What should a newcomer who has just come into contact with foreign trade do?

First: Do you like foreign trade There is a big difference between loving and loving the results of a job. When you like the foreign trade industry, you will be full of passion and patience in your work, and you will not retreat because of difficulties and difficulties encountered. These will directly affect whether foreign trade orders can be successfully completed and whether foreign trade customers are satisfied with you. If you can serve the customer warmly, carefully and responsibly, leaving him a good impression of professional responsibility, this can lay the foundation for you to open the order. This is the first factor for new foreign trade personnel to do foreign trade: mentality.

Second: Is there any channel to develop foreign trade customers The number of foreign trade customers directly affects the transformation and benefits of the company’s orders. Foreign trade software, foreign trade exhibitions, foreign trade B2B platforms, foreign social networking platforms and so on are all channels that foreign trade newcomers must understand and participate in. Because in these foreign trade channels, you can make friends with people in the foreign trade circle, expand the human pulse circle, and find accurate foreign trade customers more conveniently and quickly. This is the second factor for foreign trade newcomers to do foreign trade: channels.

Third: Are you specialized in products Professionalism does not only represent your familiarity with the company’s products, because what you need to sell is the company’s products, and familiarity with them is the basic requirement for you. In addition to these, it is also necessary to understand the development trend of the whole industry and the characteristics and disadvantages of peer products. This knowledge is the key factor to impress customers and sign orders. When you are free, you will benefit a lot by going to factories, going to workshops and talking to people in the industry. This is the third factor for foreign trade newcomers to do foreign trade: major.

Fourth, whether you have the ability to communicate in a foreign language Foreign trade, as its name implies, is trading with foreigners. Therefore, foreign trade newcomers are required to master the corresponding language in communication with foreigners, and foreign trade customers also make inquiries for products by mail, so there are certain requirements for foreign language writing of foreign trade newcomers. Only by practicing basic skills can one deal with foreigners freely on the spot or on the phone and skillfully sell his own product advantages and performance to him. A good spoken English level will help you at the crucial time, and later you will understand how important this is. This is the fourth factor for foreign trade newcomers to do foreign trade: foreign language ability.

Fifth, whether it has the ability of autonomous learning As a new comer to foreign trade, many knowledge and specialities in foreign trade industry are vague or even incomprehensible. At this time, one’s ability to learn independently is required. Whether abroad or at home, there are many foreign trade learning and exchange communities in which many senior citizens share their experiences and knowledge. They have nothing to go around and learn how to write letters, how to find customers, how to publish products, how to quote prices, how to negotiate with customers … It is very helpful to win orders. This is the fifth factor for foreign trade newcomers to do foreign trade: learning ability.

According to the above five points, from big to small, as a new comer in foreign trade, how should we do to better develop our customers and improve ourselves? Therefore, partners who want to enter foreign trade now may as well get to know themselves again and see if they can do this.


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