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What promotion methods are commonly used by foreign trade enterprises

In the increasingly white-hot competition in the market, it is more and more difficult for overseas customers to develop. The spread of commercial information has resulted in a lot of foreign trade promotion information without effective market feedback. More promotion information is still “spilled water”. Some foreign trade promotion is even hard to hear the sound of splashing water. After customers ask about the price, they find no news. In a society of survival of the fittest and in a market of such brutal competition, we need to pay attention to all matters concerning foreign trade. From the foreign trade website, foreign trade collection, foreign trade promotion and even freight, we all need to do our best. Details determine success or failure! Today, Global Express’s foreign trade customer development software will show you some common ways to promote our foreign trade:

What promotion methods are commonly used by foreign trade enterprises
What promotion methods are commonly used by foreign trade enterprises

I. mail promotion Mail promotion can be said to be the most common way to promote foreign trade. Many foreign trade personnel use mail addresses obtained from various means to develop customers through foreign trade promotion letters. E-mail promotion is a very good development method at the beginning. As the promotion information is directly transmitted to the target customer groups through e-mail.

However, the promotion effect has been greatly reduced in recent years due to more and more “junk mail” letters. Sometimes dozens of emails are sent out, but not necessarily one customer comes to inquire. However, this method is also time-consuming, ineffective and easily resisted by customers. However, it is still the way many SOHO rely on at present. After all, if you work hard enough and stick to the mail, you will still be hungry. However, if you want more customer inquiries and orders, the mail obviously has no such effect.

II. Platform Promotion At present, our common promotion platforms mainly include several large B2B promotion platform websites such as Alibaba, global sources and Made in China. Because of the concentration of suppliers and purchasers from various industries around the world, it has been highly sought after by many small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises and soho professionals. Find suitable foreign trade customers conveniently and quickly. With the spread of the financial crisis, the customer quality of various large-scale foreign trade e-commerce promotion platforms has been declining. More and more foreign trade enterprises have begun to realize the promotion of enterprises on these platforms, and the number of inquiries received from customers is continuously decreasing, even for a month. At the same time, it is also rumored that many B2B promotion platforms have little promotion abroad. At best, it is only a superficial promotion to domestic suppliers. No wonder the quality of tourists is so poor. Moreover, for platforms like Alibaba, the products in traditional industries are basically saturated or nearly saturated. If you go into the platform to promote them, the effect will certainly not be satisfactory.

Third, the search engine bidding promotion The bidding promotion method of search engines should be said to be a relatively effective method. According to the statistics of international authoritative organizations, overseas customers have found more than 80% of the sources of goods on search engine websites through specific keywords. However, foreign trade promotion search engine bidding rankings are generally calculated by click rate. Therefore, although this method ranks high, it has quick results and short time, but it is expensive. Not used by ordinary small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises.

Fourth, SEO optimization promotion SEO optimization promotion of foreign trade can be said to represent the future direction of foreign trade promotion. The so-called SEO optimization promotion is to adopt website inclusion characteristics that conform to search engines and adopt reasonable website optimization technology to improve the ranking of foreign trade websites in major search engine websites so that overseas customers can give priority to your promotion information when using search engines to find information. With the rapid development of the network today, the proportion of people looking for goods and services through search engines is increasing, and the trust degree of optimized websites to customers is increasing, which makes the probability of placing orders higher and higher. Because SEO optimization promotion of foreign trade is to improve the natural ranking of foreign trade websites in search engine ranking, click charging behavior of bidding promotion is avoided. Moreover, the promotion time is lasting, and good SEO optimization techniques can last 2-3 years. The cost of foreign trade promotion is saved, and the effect is obvious. However, one disadvantage of SEO optimization promotion is that the ranking time is slightly longer at the beginning. Once done, the effect will be obvious.

V. other promotion methods Other promotion methods include participation in trade fairs, blog marketing, etc. These methods have been promoted by some foreign trade enterprises and people. I will not go into details here. As the saying goes, there are no experts in marketing, so long as they can be accepted by customers and accepted by the market, they can be adopted. As long as we remember to spend the minimum cost. The way to get the greatest effect is a good method.


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