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What are the daily jobs of foreign trade salesmen?

The daily work of foreign trade salesmen includes necessary publicity, finding customers, writing letters, returning mails, and taking orders. However, many salesmen neglect a very important job: collecting buyers’ information and feeding it back to the company.

What are the daily jobs of foreign trade salesmen?
What are the daily jobs of foreign trade salesmen?

Some people may think that the company is not good to me and the salary is not high. why should I do these jobs for the company? In fact, it’s a big mistake to have this idea, because these jobs are actually done for yourself. As sales personnel, we can have the most direct contact with customers’ needs. If there are any needs that we cannot meet, we may lose our orders. If there are no orders, there will be no performance. Therefore, we are the most direct victims. If you are often eliminated due to a specific requirement, you will only complain that the company does not support you, does not give you the necessary conditions, and the products are not effective. Have you ever reflected on yourself and made efforts for the improvement of the company?

Some things will be better understood only after communication, because the samples and instructions may not be completely written. Only when you have a thorough understanding of the products can you be able to deal with some problems of the customers. If you encounter problems that you do not understand thoroughly during the communication with the customers, then you should feedback them back and seek the help of professionals. Perhaps you can do it at all. If you lose the order because you cannot solve them, it is really a loss!

If many customers have the same demand, then this is a business opportunity and an opportunity for you to expand your business. in fact, this is the same reason as what we said before. for example, we are all working on semi-automatic production lines. even in a certain link, manual operation is still required. however, if one customer clearly points out that they need full automation, then we can feed back to the manager and tell him that the labor costs in Europe and the United States are very high. if we can change our machines to full automation, we will certainly be able to expand the market share. in addition, there are not many peers who have achieved full automation at present, which is exactly what this is. In this way, the manager can find the technology to improve the problem.

Many people say that their products have no bright spots or advantages. In fact, the needs of customers are our bright spots and advantages. The most frightening thing in doing business is losing orders. However, it is inevitable to lose orders. We should learn to summarize and gain experience from losing orders. When you collect the reasons for losing orders and feed them back to your boss, you will always be able to solve some of them. What can be achieved will become your advantage.

Most bosses want their company to be bigger and better. Market news is an urgent need for a company’s development. Any boss who knows how to operate will be very clear. According to the market situation, he can adjust his business ideas, product ideas, sales ideas and his height, which is different from yours. Perhaps your feedback will stimulate new ideas and direct commission performance.

The market is always the source of power for the development of an enterprise. Meeting the needs of the market and buyers is the fundamental point of enterprise development. For us ordinary foreign trade salesmen, the market is our teacher and the market information is the weight for us to strive for better conditions from the company. Therefore, we have the ability to change our current situation, depending on whether you are willing to do it or not!


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