Foreign Trade Sharing-How Foreign Traders Work Efficiently

Foreign Trade Sharing-How Foreign Traders Work Efficiently Let’s talk about the time allocation in general, starting with a foreign trade salesman entering the office in the morning (making tea and tidying up the table) First, open the web page to check the exchange rate situation, generally referring to BOC or the central bank.

Foreign Trade Sharing-How Foreign Traders Work Efficiently
Foreign Trade Sharing-How Foreign Traders Work Efficiently

As a foreign trade salesman, it is necessary to know the trend of exchange rate in time. In addition, I usually have to look at the price trend of domestic raw materials. Generally, it can be completed in ten minutes at most.

Second, open the mail client and then open the customer tracking table to see which customers have not contacted for some time. (I usually send them some greeting emails one by one according to the time of 2-3 weeks). The contents of the emails are different according to different objects. The advantages of doing this are: 1) keep in touch with the customer who has not made a deal so that he will always remember you. This is especially important when the customer is ready to change suppliers, he will think of you in the first place! Keep in touch with customers who have not made a deal and feel that your service is very good and you have the sincerity to cooperate with him, then when his old supplier has problems, he will give you a chance! Take the case of finding a freight forwarder. In the past, when our company had a fixed forwarder, when we received a self-recommended call from a new forwarder, we would have handled it casually and wanted to hang up early. Later, the company’s freight forwarder had problems and decided to replace the freight forwarder. Just two days later, I received a call from a freight forwarder who called several times, so I was very happy and made an appointment to talk. Later, the freight forwarder came to inquire about the price and service, and soon began to cooperate. The content of the mail is mainly concise and light-hearted. Please don’t write too long and don’t have time to read! Some salesmen have already written a lot of information about the company’s advantages when writing the letter, so there is no need to write it again when following up. Customers will resent too much writing. Although people have different skin colors, their psychology still has something in common. )

Dear XXX, .R4,fCN How are you ? I hope your everything is going well. I wonder whether you have any pending orders or inquiry recently ? If so, please contact me with no hesitate, we are sure any of your inquiry will get our prompt attention & reply. Thanks.

Best regards,


2) Enhance the relationship with customers who have already made deals and provide exhibition services! Customers like service personnel with follow-up awareness. Let’s imagine, when you bought an electrical appliance of an unknown brand from a shopping mall, a week after you bought it, suddenly there was a return call asking if there were any problems or inconveniences in your use. Any of your suggestions will play a vital role in improving the quality and service of the product in the future. Do you feel a kind of surprise, or surprise? No matter what brand or experience the product has, at least the service should be said to be satisfactory. I will also score some points on this brand or the manufacturer’s heart. In fact, it is a truth to put it into foreign trade. Some salesmen think that after the goods are delivered, the receipt of the final payment is over. In fact, the actual situation tells me that every after-sales follow-up is an opportunity for the customer to decide to return the order. This will play a subtle role in strengthening the customer’s impression and even trust on you. Why don’t you do the e-mail that you can send easily? The content of the mail is concise and light ~

Dear XXX, Hope this email finds you well.

Have you received the goods ? How do you think ?

I hope you are satisfied with our quality. If any comments, please let me know. Thanks.

Best regards,


3) Remind old customers whether to consider a new order plan | The email content can be the same as 1). Old customers will reply to your email soon after receiving it, and some customers will tell you when there will be a new order.

3. Check the daily work schedule to see what was not done yesterday.

Foreign trade is a continuous work, which is relatively hard, but it is more important to insist on it. To make an inappropriate analogy is like farmers planting crops. Every link of loosening soil, sowing seeds, fertilizing, keeping warm, killing insects, etc. needs to be done, waiting for the day of harvest. `For the work that was not completed yesterday, consider roughly when it is scheduled to be completed today. Then start planning today’s work. Some people have no plans at all and do what they think. Busy as a bee, customers have been left behind for months without follow-up. What I want to say here is that everything we do actually reflects our values. For example, if your idea is that you are eager to increase your income, then the important thing in our schedule is to consider doing everything that can improve your performance. If your idea is to keep your life stable, your job cannot give you happiness and you have no sense of accomplishment, then I think most of your work is to protect old customers.

There are many stages in one’s life, and the needs of each stage are different. Therefore, it is very important to know clearly what you want most at this stage.

Work according to daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly plans.

First list:

Make a white list of things to do every day and add them to your daily work schedule. According to the nature of the matter, it can be divided into four categories: important not urgent, important and urgent, urgent not important, neither urgent nor important. Priority should be given to two categories: important and urgent and important and non-urgent.

Classify jobs:

Important and non-urgent matters include: developing new customers, following up on outstanding customers, studying target markets, learning more product knowledge, learning more business experience, building trust with customers, making sales plans and work targets, improving relations with suppliers, exercising, having a good lunch, taking appropriate rest, etc. (all matters directly related to your future performance improvement) Important and urgent: Negotiate with customers, urge customers to make final payment, quote prospective customers, make PI for customers, prepare samples (to maintain your current performance) and complete the work plan. Urgent is not important: the work that other departments require you to cooperate with, and the non-business work that the leaders have explained. Many things seem to be “urgent”, but in fact they are delayed or even not handled, which has nothing to do with the overall situation.

Learn to delegate or assign these matters to assistants, merchandisers and even new salesmen.

It’s neither urgent nor important: entertainment, surfing the internet, chatting, recreation.

At ordinary times, I concentrate my time and energy on the first two kinds of affairs, so that I can be truly efficient at work.

Generally speaking, my time is arranged as follows:

1. spend half an hour every day to say hello to customers who haven’t contacted for a period of time.

2. Spend half an hour reading the English news of yahoo International Station every day to get to know more about the facts and to exercise reading ability. When customers come to visit, at least you can have more hot topics on the road.

3. Use half an hour to one hour every day to reply to old customers’ mails, and express them clearly and concisely.

4. Put more energy into thinking and studying how to follow up and reply to potential customers, and strive to build up trust.

5. Study and understand the target market for half an hour every day, and at least understand the market selling price, common brands in the market, suppliers and distributors of this brand, sales channels, benchmark customers in the industry in the target market, main specification types, the largest supermarket in the country, one or two B2B websites in the country, etc.

PS: Famous 80/20 Rule:

Only 20% of the work you do every day is directly related to profits. With 20% of the cost to maintain old customers, will get 80% of the income; In reading my article, 20% of the people will really put these contents into practice, instead of simply copying them into WORD and then sealing them indefinitely, just like other 80% of the people. Wait, wait, wait. . .

Four, reasonable and efficient use of tools to develop customers and reply to customer mail After completing the daily plan, it should be around 9: 00 or 9: 30.

This morning, for most people, is a period of low efficiency. This period of time is suitable for doing some mechanical and miscellaneous work. Therefore, I have to say that this period of time is perfect for sending letters. (usually half an hour or an hour. The end time is controlled before 10: 30. Of course, some people think that customers in different time zones should choose different time zones to send and receive letters. This ensures that the opening letter can appear at the top of the customer’s mailing list.

I think this consideration is OK. But I can also use other methods to attract customers’ attention to make up for it.

For example: the writing of the mail header, setting the high priority label of the mail, etc. . How to write the title of the mail will be explained in detail in my future post on how to write the mail. Set the mail high priority label, that is, the customer will prompt a red exclamation mark on the left after receiving the mail. This is the “option” in FOXMAIL’s email-email priority 1) Use of Mail Client, One of Foreign Trade Business Tools For mail clients, every salesman has his own choice. Some people use OUTLOOK EXPRESS conveniently, some use OFFICE OUTLOOK conveniently, some use FOXMAIL conveniently, and a few use web pages to send and receive mail. My personal advice is to recommend Foxmail.

Compared with the other two clients, Foxmail has the following advantages: you can create many signatures, make many different versions of opening letters into signatures, and then choose to insert different signatures when sending opening letters for different clients, which will be very convenient. For example, I will set up several release versions specifically for products in a certain industry, and then I can also specify which products are specific, specifically for XX products, specifically for YY products, and so on. .

In addition, to search for a customer’s mail with Outlook Express, you need to enter the customer’s email address or name in the search field to search, while Foxmail version 7 right-click the mouse directly on the mail, and the menu has a “Find Mail from XXX” to list all the mail of this customer immediately, which is very convenient.

In addition, if you often reflect on and summarize your work, you may have the same idea as I do, whether you can sign many replies to customers’ emails, then insert your signature, make some modifications, and then send them every time you reply. This method is very convenient and saves time. FOXMAIL can set up many mail signatures. What I mean is that different email contents can be written into the email according to different scenarios of replying to the email as the signature of the email.

For example, when you need to reply that you cannot deliver the goods in time, insert the mail signature “Failure to Deliver the Goods in Time-Reason for Raw Materials” (the signature contains the specific contents of the mail set first. ) Maybe you’ve thought about it, too. However, according to the same 80/20 rule, only 20% of the people who have taken actions have saved 80% of their time. I’m just throwing bricks to attract jade here. Everyone has a high level of understanding and should know how to do it. (PS: Our company joined the exchange meeting of foreign trade chambers in a region the year before last. We all make products from different industries, so we share them without reservation and will not have much impact on our respective interests. I also introduced this method and demonstrated it. Many salesmen present said that this method is very good.

In addition, make full use of the label setting function of mail, which will also improve work efficiency if used well. You can first create a variety of labels, such as: “new customer inquiries, quick return” and then after the price is quoted, another label “quoted, pay attention to follow-up.” I will not list the specific operations one by one. you can operate them by yourself. I appreciate the hands-on emperor ~!

(reply to customer’s mail is usually controlled within one hour. ) 2) Foreign Trade Business Tools II Instant Post It is easy for everyone to ignore this little thing. Because you may not notice how much it can contribute to work efficiency and the completion of the plan.

Write down the tasks you want to do every day, 1234 … and stick them on the bottom corner of the monitor or anywhere you can see them. The order of the positions is determined according to their importance. After finishing, take it off and stick it on a special soft copy notebook. After each one is completed, take it off and stick it on the notebook. When it is not finished, you will see several small yellow stickers floating under the monitor. Stimulate your vision like paper. Please, get things done quickly. With more and more post-it notes on your notebook and thicker notebook, you will feel the improvement of self-confidence and work efficiency. Most importantly, if you persist, your procrastination and slow temper will change. What determines fate?

Character and way of doing things!

3) Folder III of foreign trade business tools and notebook folder are essential to establish customer information and order situation. Folder I like to click the “folder” button at the top of address bar d:/to keep the tree structure displayed on the left to avoid many operations such as returning to the superior.

In addition, my E disk is very clean and completely used as the customer data disk. Set up 5 root folders according to different markets: North America, South America, Middle East, Europe and Asia. Then create a folder of company names in “North America”, such as “AAA GROUP”, and then divide it into 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 according to the year of the order. After entering 2012, establish “packaging materials”, “customer PO”, “pro forma invoice”, “purchase contract”, “bulk cargo photos and inspection status”, “shipping notice”, “customs declaration document” and “foreign exchange settlement document” one by one. Another two TXT texts are created, one is the “payment receipt record” and the other is the “express order number record”. In this way, although the workload in the early stage is relatively large, everyone can copy the operation and know everything at a glance after using it well.

There is not much to say about notebooks. Generally, it is to write down the customer’s demand information and key points. My suggestion is to prepare a small notebook, which is only used to write down the customer’s inquiries, because it is very important to study the customer’s inquiries, so as to understand the customer’s psychology. Not all the notes.

In addition, youdao cloud notes are very good and easy to use, recommend them! !

4) A convenient and quick quotation profit accounting table for foreign trade business tool # 3 For those salespeople who receive more than n requests for quotations every day, if each quotation is done one by one, it will be too much for them to be energetic. Over time, fatigue and loss of passion will also occur. Therefore, we need a form that can efficiently, conveniently and quickly calculate the quotation profit to help us simplify the work before quotation. It is better to fill in some basic values such as purchase price, tax rebate rate, exchange rate, etc. to give reference opinions for quotation. Now, all you need to do is fill in the purchase price, tax rebate rate, exchange rate, quantity, etc., and you will show the prices under different profit margins.

After the prices are filled in, you can view the overall profit. What is more convenient is that you can constantly revise the price and adjust different profit margins to finally get a reasonable total profit. You can modify the quantity continuously, and eventually the total volume is exactly the cube number of your target.

In addition, we often have to remove or add some quantity of products when many kinds of goods are packed together for bulk cargo or whole containers. Which product is better to remove or add?

According to past experience, if the volume of the whole cabinet is exceeded, some products with low output, slow manual manufacture and difficult manufacture will be removed. If the quantity is not enough for the whole cabinet, then some products with high output and fast delivery will be added. Now, you can consider according to the profit/cube. That is, the amount of profit per cubic meter. This value is high, indicating that for each additional cubic meter of this product, a higher profit can be obtained.

Five, the use of key wizard fully automatic update or release Alibaba product information Many salesmen have a headache because of Alibaba’s work of releasing and updating products. Some company bosses or managers even set hard targets for how many products to update in a day.

After sending the opening letter and replying the customer’s mail, the clock pointed to about 11: 30. This is the time for lunch.

If computers can help us update or release Ali products during lunch time, how much energy and time will it save?

Here is an extremely sharp tool: the key wizard.

Key Wizard is a software that simulates mouse and keyboard movements. By making scripts, the key wizard can replace both hands and automatically execute a series of mouse and keyboard actions. The key wizard is simple and easy to use, and can make powerful scripts without any programming knowledge. If you want to use both hands in front of the computer, you can use the key wizard instead.

In general, it has two main functions:

1. Online games can be used as scripts to realize automatic strange fighting, automatic blood enriching, automatic speech, etc. 2. Office families can use it to automatically process forms, documents, and send and receive emails, etc.

At present, 90% of users are still only using games. In fact, this software is very powerful in automated office work!

If you know VBA, you should know what I am talking about. Yes, this software can create task scripts. Let me briefly introduce the principle: use EXCEL documents to create several tables and simulate them into an “EXCEL database”. Then, according to each item on the updated or published product page that needs to be filled in or changed, different contents are filled in the cells.

After the simulated EXCEL database is established. Use the button wizard to completely record the mouse movements of updating products or releasing new products once. Then set up a loop to complete similar tasks.

It is no exaggeration to say that as long as there are enough values in your EXCEL form (such as “product keywords”), the computer can automatically update or publish 100 product information in basically one hour! Imagine what a pleasant thing it is when we come back from lunch and the computer has automatically updated 100 Alibaba products. In addition, different fields will have different combinations, and the quantity of product information is a multiplication principle. As you can imagine, when you set enough product keywords and product descriptions, one identical product will generate more than n product pages! To do such a job, the primary task is to continuously enrich the records in your “EXCEL spreadsheet database”.


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