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Do fresh graduates want to work in foreign trade? This is the right thing to do

Soon it will be the annual graduation season, and many graduates will choose to enter the foreign trade industry. For fresh graduates, after finding a good job and entering a factory or a foreign trade company, how to carry out the work next? If there is a teacher to take, of course, still listen to the teacher. Because the actual situation of each company is different, it is best to listen to the master from the reality. However, if there is no master or if the master does not teach sincerely, how to carry out the work of foreign trade novice. How can a novice carry out foreign trade work in a factory that has never done foreign trade?

Do fresh graduates want to work in foreign trade? This is the right thing to do
Do fresh graduates want to work in foreign trade? This is the right thing to do

First, familiar with products Whether it is a novice in foreign trade or a veteran who changes jobs and products, to enter a new company, one must be familiar with the products. Conditional, as in a factory. You can go around the workshop more and ask the technicians more to know the basic information of the products. Then, we need to know some information about our products in foreign trade. Such as HS code, tax rebate rate, etc. At the same time try to know the main market of the product. (Learn to be a human being by consulting your predecessors) Second, build a foreign trade platform In fact, this is the issue that everyone is most concerned about. The reason why familiar products are written in front is to let everyone pay more attention to familiar products. Because even if the platform is good, if you are not familiar with the product, you will encounter a lot of trouble. Under normal circumstances, newcomers to the company will not go to domestic and foreign exhibitions. Novice can only rely on the Internet to carry out their work. Many people have also said a lot about how to make use of the Internet. I will share my experience.

1, the use of B2B network.

Learning to use B2B is very simple, because B2B models are mostly the same. Foreign trade people all know that ALIBABA and global sources charge exorbitant fees and do not issue free accounts. Since they are the leaders of the industry, the high fees are understandable and the company has the strength to consider. Here is how to use the free B2B platform.
First, registration. In general, it is at the top of the webpage. You will see a join now or register at the top, yes, that’s him. Then fill in some basic information, which will not be taught here.
Second, release information. This is a promotion process for your company. Write down your company’s information, remember to write down the relevant email, the company’s information as complete as possible, so that customers can find you in the first place.

Third, release product and supply and demand information. This is the process of product promotion. It’s best to attach pictures to explain as completely as possible. After the completion, in the future time to continuously update, improve the ranking, so that customers can see you at the first sight as much as possible.
Fourth, through the B2B platform to send a message (INQUIRY) to the purchaser who issued the demand message. If the above three are waiting for customers to come, the fourth point is to use B2B to actively contact customers.
In addition to the free b2b platform, actively develop customers to find high-quality potential customers.

2. Use search engines This is also one of the traditional platforms for searching customers on the Internet. The usage is very simple, just enter the keyword of your product in the long box of the search engine website, and then press enter. Some search engines in other countries have been accumulated by everyone at ordinary times. To sum up, the above two methods use keywords. In B2B, keywords are used to find demanders, while search engines need keywords to search. Therefore, it is self-evident that it is necessary to be familiar with product keywords.

3, open the circle of foreign trade friends Devote yourself to foreign trade and be sure to open up your circle of foreign trade friends. By foreign trade circle, I mean not only foreign trade salesmen, but all friends who are engaged in all aspects of the whole process of foreign trade activities. For example, freight forwarders, documents, merchandisers and customs declarers, etc. I can assure you that they will have a great influence on you in your future career. It’s easier to walk with more friends. Maybe one day, which friend will bring you a surprise.


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