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What kind of people are suitable for foreign trade?

In doing foreign trade, the most important thing is performance, because when performance is good, one can stand upright in the company. When performance is good, one can be valued by the boss. When performance is good, one can earn more commission. After all, foreign trade people do not live on their face or their basic salary.

What kind of people are suitable for foreign trade?
What kind of people are suitable for foreign trade?

Many people are asking, what kind of people are suitable for foreign trade, what kind of people are not suitable for foreign trade, such as:

1. Are girls suitable for foreign trade? First of all, we can be sure that sales are good or bad for both men and women, and many sales champions are just girls.
Is introverted person suitable for foreign trade? Mike is an introverted person. For those who are not familiar with him, he cherishes words like gold. For those who are familiar with him, he speaks directly and never wastes time. No one asks you to drink and wrangle every day like a domestic trader.

Is it suitable for people who do not speak good English to do foreign trade? Poor English is only temporary. It is not too late to learn any skills as long as you are willing to learn them, because everyone has improved a little to become what he is today.

4. Is it suitable for people who are not specialized in trade or business English to do foreign trade? Mike studied accounting and tax law. Personally, I don’t think academic qualifications and disciplines conflict with the development of special skills in the later period.

5. Is it suitable for people who have never come into contact with foreign trade to switch to foreign trade? Whether it is a new graduate or a new job seeker, they belong to the new people and must learn from the beginning, without any influence or difference.

6. Has been doing documentary work, has not done foreign trade business, can you change to do business? Of course you can, at least you have a certain basis for the process and documents, much better than those white ones.

I have been doing domestic trade and have my own factory, but I don’t know anything about foreign trade, ok? If you have been doing domestic trade or your own factory all the time, you will certainly have rich product knowledge, and product knowledge is the necessary basis for foreign trade negotiations.

The above are just a few examples. In fact, there are many more and various problems. Mike will not list them one by one.

In fact, who is suitable for foreign trade, is there really a specific rule?

——NO! ! !

If it is not a professional match, or if you have never come into contact with this industry, you are all new people. It is good to study hard. It is not suitable for you. People who really doubt whether you are suitable for foreign trade are all due to one reason-you have not done well and your performance is too poor.

If your performance is poor, you should think clearly why your performance is poor. (You have been working in Ali for several months, but your inquiry has always disappeared after you reply. What should you do if you don’t follow up? ) instead of being bogged down and saying that they are not suitable for foreign trade.

The people who are really suitable for foreign trade are necessarily those who have clear plans for the future and absolute self-discipline. Planning lets you know how you should go each step and in which direction you should work. Self-discipline (failure to achieve self-discipline and efficiency, and your foreign trade is doomed to tragedy) allows you not to procrastinate or be discouraged, but to persist in doing well in each set task and constantly meet a better self.

Q: What kind of person is really not suitable for the most foreign trade?

A: people who lack confidence and patience.

-people who are too confident to learn.

Teacher Ma Yunma said, “Today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful, but most people died tomorrow night;”

People who lack self-confidence and patience want to give up after working for a period of time without success. However, foreign trade needs time to hone. Especially for those children who do not have teachers, it may be difficult to break through themselves in a short period of time, break through performance, and most of them give up halfway. They fantasize that they can easily master all foreign trade skills in a few days, hoping to win one order after another on their own as soon as they enter the trade.

Of course, there are still some people who did not give up, but chose to stay and muddle along. They either complained that the company was too bad, or they complained that they were not suitable, or they complained about the sunset of the industry, or they complained about the rubbish of products. Anyway, they could not say that they were not competent. I really can’t stick to it, so I chose to change jobs. As a result, I can’t do it well everywhere. I keep changing jobs, complaining and making a vicious circle.

Those who are too confident and do not know how to learn are not abandoned by the times but by their ignorance and arrogance. Just like many people saw that the student’s good news published by Mike felt fake. Mike said that he was leading the British to take the bill and said it was bullshit. Mike just smiled helplessly at it. believe it or not, how is foreign trade doing, and what does it matter to me if I don’t make money? I don’t have time to bother to explain to you.
After all, not everyone is worthy of my explanation!

Times have been improving, and so has business. If you insist on eating with your “old skills” and are unwilling to believe or learn other people’s advanced skills, it will naturally be difficult to adapt to the fast-changing shopping malls and it is inevitable that you will be eliminated.


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