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What are some tips for foreign trade enterprises to participate in various exhibitions?

I. Details of Pre-exhibition Work No matter what we do, we will not fight unprepared battles. Before we take part in the exhibition, we need to do the following work:

What are some tips for foreign trade enterprises to participate in various exhibitions?
What are some tips for foreign trade enterprises to participate in various exhibitions?

1. Notify new and old customers to participate in the exhibition Contact your new and old customers one by one and inform them to come to the exhibition. Can improve the relationship with customers, show their strength, can also introduce their new products to new and old customers.

2. Contact with strange customers Before each exhibition, we need to find out our unknown potential customers three to four months in advance and invite them to participate in the exhibition. Due to the distrust of strangers, we invite each other to participate in the exhibition three or four months in advance. During this period, we can pass on our product advantages, company advantages, help customers solve problems, etc., so that customers can have initial trust in you, and then invite them to participate in the exhibition, which can further promote the transaction.

3. Understand the advantages of the exhibition and the participation of its peers.
In general, on the exhibition website, we can know what the exhibitors of the exhibition are. We can know about our peers’ analysis of the prices, characteristics and best-selling products of their peers. Then compare their own products and find out their own advantages so as to show them to the participating customers.

4. Prepare all kinds of articles for exhibition For example: promotion of color pages, business cards, samples, quotations, product catalogues and introductions, photographing equipment, notebook computers, various stationery supplies (we usually bring notebooks, pens, staplers, staple needles, adhesive tapes), clearing supplies, food, small gifts, charging treasure, etc.

5. Decoration of Booth Booth is equivalent to one’s own frontispiece, with personalized color layout, which can make customers have a strong sense of vision and quickly attract customers’ attention.

6. Arrangement of Exhibitors On important occasions, we must train the staff, such as etiquette, clothing collocation, product-related professional knowledge, service and so on. Details determine success or failure. (In this respect, not many companies can do it. But it’s important! )

Second: Details to Pay Attention to at the Exhibition

1. Welcome customers with a smile Every customer who meets for the first time should be greeted with a smiling face so that the customer feels valued.

2. Don’t sit and chat Even if there are no guests coming, don’t let everyone sit together and chat. It gives the impression that the company is unprofessional and imprecise.

3. Ask the customer to sit down and communicate When a guest lingers on the edge of his booth, he must warmly invite the guest to come in and sit down and give them dessert so that the customer can have a pleasant mood.

4. Don’t look at people by their appearance.
Any customer who comes to the booth should be warmly received. Don’t refuse to receive or respond to customers because of their clothes.

5. Listen to the customer’s ideas If the guest is willing to sit down, it means that he is interested in your products. We should listen to the customer’s ideas more and not just sell the products by ourselves. To stand in the customer’s point of view, to help customers solve his problems.

6. Record the needs of different customers There are many guests coming and going in the booth. We can’t use our brains to record all the communication with the customers. Therefore, we need to record the conversation for each customer who has communication, so as to follow up after the exhibition.

7. Obtain customer contact information The goal of participating in the booth is to obtain customer information and orders. Therefore, we should remember to ask all customers for contact information. You can call, email, exchange business cards, and add chat tools such as WeChat and whatsapp.

8. Turn around the booths of peers In the exhibition, it is not only in your own booth. When you are free, you can also look around the booth of your peers and see that guests are paying attention to the booth of your peers. You can also follow the customers and try to invite them to your booth to learn about it.

9. Stay Close to Customers Key customers must make up their minds about their products, so we must keep our customers close. Show your professionalism to the customer, attach importance to him, and let the customer see your sincerity of cooperation. Even if he doesn’t buy it before returning home, he will still have a good impression on you and will follow it more later.

10. Potential Customers Potential customers may not place orders in such a hurry, perhaps just to understand the market situation, or just to look for new products. Perhaps it is to reserve suppliers. When we meet potential customers, we can ask them about the specific products they purchase, purchase time, product delivery, product usage, etc. Record it for tracking after the exhibition. If your factory is not far from the exhibition, you can also invite them to visit your factory so that customers can trust your enterprise more.

We believe that there is no “standard” template in this world. Most of the time, it is good for us to absorb some essence from others’ suggestions and experiences. Finally, I wish you all the best in all kinds of exhibitions and full of goods.


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