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Peer-to-peer transformation is like a mid-water moon. Foreign trade industry opens a new era of investment

On November 1st.,in China,CEO Zhang Jun of Auction Loan said at the “2019 Small and Medium-sized Banks Development Summit Forum” that no more P2P transactions would be added, clearly drawing a clear line with P2P, and indicating that loans would be transformed in the future.

Foreign trade industry opens a new era of investment
Foreign trade industry opens a new era of investment

Since the lightning strike in 2018, various regulatory policies for P2P industry have been implemented continuously, and the clearing speed has only increased. Before this, Ningxia, Yunnan, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places have successively announced the list of repayments of their local intranet lending institutions, and Hunan and Shandong have successively announced the banning of all online lending institutions and P2P businesses in the province. P2P head platforms have indicated that they will rely on the transformation to find a way out.

Recently, the contents of the meeting held by the leading group for mutual fund regulation and the leading group for online loan regulation to speed up the classified disposal of institutions in peer-to-peer lending have been widely circulated in the mutual fund industry. The meeting contents have been regarded by major online loan institutions as loan assistance in the direction of transformation, but have not appeared in the scope mentioned by the regulatory authorities, except for the continued emphasis on the goal of clearing market risks and continuing thorough regulation.

In response, Che Ning, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Network Law Research Institute, frankly said: “Even if the regulation does not directly eliminate the loan assistance as a kind of transformation path, it is very difficult to transform the loan assistance from the perspective of the operation mode of transformation and how to measure the results. It can even be said that even if it can “successfully” transform and help loan, it may not be an ultimate result. ” At present, the loan assistance business is still a product of the renovation transition period. The loan assistance business done by many institutions is more similar to the financing single board business without a license. It may not be helpful in the future. It is foreseeable that the focus of supervision will still be on repaying in the coming period of time.

The general environment of P2P online loan industry is no longer optimistic, and the rate of return has dropped again and again. However, the risk is still high, and many investors have chosen to give up this investment channel. At present, the international environment and domestic conditions facing China’s economic development are undergoing profound and complex changes. Against this background, we should maintain the stable operation of China’s macro-economy, accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, and promote the stability of finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and market expectations.

Among them, the foreign trade industry is one of the effective ways to stimulate economic growth. The state has issued various policies on many occasions, strongly supporting the development of the foreign trade industry and encouraging Chinese to actively participate in foreign trade. The national foreign trade e-commerce trading platform emerged as the times require. As a foreign trade e-commerce platform relying on physical goods trading, it aims to let Chinese manufacturers go abroad and let Chinese people purchase Chinese goods on behalf of foreigners through the platform, so as to earn the purchasing profit of the unit price of goods and share the policy dividend.

Although the national foreign trade is not an investment financial platform, it is using a professional foreign trade team and a safe and convenient operation mode to enable the Chinese to acquire wealth through one-touch purchasing on behalf of others and gain steady appreciation. It is favored by more and more people and will definitely become the preferred path for the Chinese to realize wealth appreciation in the future.


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