How do foreign trade personnel call customers? Just five moves

I do foreign trade, it is inevitable to make phone calls with foreign customers, SKYPE or QQ video voice, as a newcomer will certainly be a little nervous at the beginning, many novice afraid of playing, afraid of answering foreign phone calls, the reason is nothing more than poor English, afraid of not understanding, afraid of making a fool of yourself? Sometimes when I receive a phone call, my mind is blank and I can only say a few words of YES,NO,Thank you. is your ability really that good? Can we overcome this mentality? What should we do?

How do foreign trade personnel call customers? Just five moves
How do foreign trade personnel call customers? Just five moves

In fact, as a beginner in foreign trade, I prefer to take the initiative to call customers? Don’t wait for customers to call you, why? Because you have the initiative to call the customer in your hand, you can fully prepare the information, practice how to say each sentence and then call him to ask him questions. The content of the call involves only a few aspects:

1. Everyone will say a few words when greeting or looking for someone.

2. It’s not difficult to ask questions about price, delivery date and payment terms.

3. Some of the problems you two have encountered are somewhat complicated.

4.BYEBYE. you can think about the professional knowledge you don’t understand, write it down, make a phone call, sort out your thoughts, return an e-mail to the customer, go through the content, and communicate if you don’t know.

After reading my words, everyone is definitely not satisfied. Of course, it is easier said than done. It is impossible to improve one’s internal skills without some effort.
The following points are shared by experienced people. We may as well learn from them:

1, familiar with the product First of all, we must be very familiar with our products. For example, we should be familiar with clothing, clothing style, color, size, fabric, production process, processing technology and so on, which requires a long process. Therefore, we must study hard and learn as much as possible.

However, not all salesmen can understand everything. In this case, there is no need to be too nervous, because many customers will not ask you if you are on the one hand, they only care about whether he is satisfied with the samples you send, whether your bulk goods are delivered on time after satisfaction, and how the freight situation is (for example, some small purchasers make their own stores, etc.); Not too many technical parameters will be asked.

2. Good oral English does not mean good communication with customers.
Maybe our spoken English is really good, but sometimes we get nervous and incoherent when we receive a customer call suddenly or even when we are fully prepared.
How to solve it? The key is to adjust your mind!

On the basis of being familiar with the product, when you make or answer a phone call, you indicate that you do not need to be nervous. You can tell yourself this: the customer is also a human being, but the skin color and nationality are different from ours. what is there to be afraid of? Even if I am a small salesman and he is a big foreign purchaser, then everyone is equal. First of all, you should respect yourself and value yourself. We are just engaged in different roles. Therefore, we should treat our customers with respect rather than fear. Moreover, many foreign clients are very good.

3. Sincerity, composure, enthusiasm and appropriateness When talking to customers on the phone, whether they have met or not, whether they are old customers or new customers, whether they are large purchasers or small retailers, whether the customers are good-natured or irritable, we should give each other a sincere, calm, warm and appropriate attitude.

Pay attention to the tone, speed and emotional expression of your speech. To be sincere, not affectation; Be calm and not pompous. In front of you, no matter what kind of customers, everyone is equal. You should serve warmly and appropriately. Because in our daily life, we also play the role of customers all the time. If we meet a customer service with bad attitude and poor professional knowledge, how will we feel? No matter how good his product is, we will lose confidence in it because of its service.

Therefore, we must be responsible for the company’s interests and our customers. Although I worked hard, I didn’t get any commission from the business but only a dead salary. When I was tired, I really didn’t have the motivation to quit. But when I looked back, I tried hard to do this process, what I learned and accumulated, and the precipitation in my heart could not be exchanged for money.

4. What preparations should be made before calling the customer?

In general, before I make a phone call to the customer, I will use my notebook to list the contents I want to speak on this call one by one.
One, two, three, four, list, blank lines between each question, tell the customer one by one. At the same time of making a phone call, the right hand takes notes, and the key words of each customer are recorded one by one.

After finishing the phone call, immediately sort it out. The e-mail of the e-mail, the reserved self-reservation, and the problems to be solved immediately are solved immediately. It is best not to put it on hold for too long. Because sometimes I got up in the middle of the night to call my clients, sometimes I talked about a few pages of paper, and when I finished, I was too sleepy to sleep. As a result, I woke up the next day and could not remember anything. Therefore, the key words must be clearly marked. If the most important points cannot be completed in time, they must also be marked as key points.

5. What if the customer suddenly calls?

For this problem, I should most like to thank my Canadian client, whose list was completed by telephone from beginning to end. He hardly replied to me when I sent him e-mail, and always called me when I received the e-mail. Sometimes during my working time, sometimes when I am ready to go to bed. Every time the phone rings, I will instinctively look for a pen and paper nearby.

I was not in the office on the day when the order was confirmed, and all the information was not at hand. He suddenly called and said a lot. The problem is: we have more than 100 styles, some of which have different sleeve lengths, static colors and printed colors for one model number. if we place orders orally, we are really worried about mistakes. But I know his temper, he won’t tell me by email, so I quickly took a note.

When he placed the order, he didn’t quote the money number but the English name I gave him. It was really a bit of a hassle. Fortunately, I have read the information many times, and I made up all the strange English names, so I probably knew what they were when he spoke.
Hung up the phone, I quickly took my notebook back to the office and took out the information he had done before, which corresponded to the same arrangement he had just made on the phone. After sorting out the order, I sent him an email. I think this is very important. Even if the customer spoke to you on the phone, even if you had a long time of communication and you trusted each other, you still need to send him the information such as the order and say YES before you arrange it, so as to avoid disputes in the future. I have suffered this loss, so I have to be cautious. Therefore, what I want to say here is: Be calm! If you don’t calm down, customers will doubt your professionalism and the professionalism of your company’s products.


The choice of phone call time is different because of the difference in time difference and customs. The best time to call customers is from Tuesday to Thursday. If you only choose to call customers on a single day, it is Wednesday.

In most countries, Monday is the beginning of a week. According to our experience, Monday has not yet entered the working state. Friday is the last day of the week (Middle Eastern countries begin to rest on Friday). Therefore, it is inappropriate to call customers on the first and last days of work, because customers either have not entered the working state or are ready to rest.

Therefore, the best time is from Tuesday to Thursday, when the customer has entered the working state. In addition, the specific time is preferably 10: 30-11 in the country where the customer is located. 00 or 15:00-16:00.


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