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Foreign trade person, how to improve your inquiry conversion rate

I have been engaged in foreign trade for more than ten years. The foreign trade market more than ten years ago was quite easy for foreign traders to develop customers, because the market was not so open, saturated and competitive at that time. I am engaged in the garment export industry. At that time, the major garments in the world were made in China. Now this cake has been robbed by Southeast Asian countries. 2005 was the first year when the clothing quota was cancelled. At that time, it was very difficult to find a factory to produce more orders. It is estimated that the post-90s generation does not know what quotas are. Now, by the way, from the 1990s to 2004, many products from China were exported to Europe and the United States. These quotas were basically allocated to state-owned export enterprises. At that time, state-owned export enterprises were really making money.

Foreign trade person, how to improve your inquiry conversion rate
Foreign trade person, how to improve your inquiry conversion rate

The current foreign trade environment is more competitive than before by dozens or even hundreds of times. However, our current advantage is that we have various Internet platforms and more communication tools. Therefore, our enterprises must keep up with the pace and carry out transformation. For foreign traders, they will participate in exhibitions every year or promote our products on major platforms. Customers who are interested in our products will make inquiries. Then the key point comes. How do we improve the conversion rate of inquiries?

1. First of all, the customer’s background should be investigated and studied deeply.
Analysis of the customer is which country, the country’s consumption level, the strength and integrity of the guests, on the basis of understanding all aspects of customer information, adjust the quotation coefficient.

2. Let our email reply be more targeted.
We reply that guests cannot complete the task simply by quoting prices, and also provide personalized and targeted services for different types. For example, when we make clothes, we can send some similar styles of clothes to the guests for reference, making the guests feel that we are very professional in this aspect and increasing their confidence in us.

3. Analyze the most important points revealed by customers in the email and give a reply.
When we communicate with customers by mail, we should pay special attention to the information disclosed in the customer’s mail. Customers still have doubts about ordering because of the price, because the products do not meet the customer’s requirements, or because they are not at ease with the delivery date and quality. We must seize the key points and give corresponding responses.

What the customer needs is a partner who can solve the problem.

The most successful thing for our foreign trade personnel is to be the faithful partner of the guests. When the guests make inquiries, they just want to place orders or have needs in this respect. However, there are still some problems that cannot be solved by the previous suppliers. We must improve our personal service awareness and product knowledge and provide various solutions for the guests, so that the customers will trust you and think of you in the first place when placing orders.

5. Use instant communication software and telephone communication to improve communication efficiency and reduce communication costs.
After the customer replies, they will enter the communication link, which is extremely important and runs through the whole order process. Sometimes guests send us e-mails to inquire, but they never confirm the order. At this time, we have to use instant communication software or telephone to communicate with the guests. Because we don’t know much about the customers at this time, even after detailed background investigation, there is still a large amount of information asymmetry, so we have to use instant communication method to more clearly know the specific needs of the customers and achieve targeted results.

We know that customers now have a very, very large selection of suppliers. When suppliers are worthless or of very low value, customers may soon disappear, and it is even more impossible to tell you their specific needs. Therefore, don’t think that the customer’s reply is just like the opportunity. Many of the customer’s replies are coping, formal and wait-and-see. We must seize the time to keep tracking and provide solutions until the customer signs the order.

No matter how good the product is, no matter how good the company is, no matter how good the company is, only our foreign trade talents are the mouthpiece of the product and the company. We foreign trade talents should give full play to our initiative, publicize the company’s products, provide professional services and solve problems for the guests.

Our value to our customers is professionalism, service and problem-solving ability.

Foreign traders, come on! ! !


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