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Hunan’s Total Import and Export Value in the First Three Quarters Grows 50.4% Year-on-Year

How big can business be with one hair?

Hunan's Total Import and Export Value in the First Three Quarters Grows 50.4% Year-on-Year
Hunan’s Total Import and Export Value in the First Three Quarters Grows 50.4% Year-on-Year

Five years ago, Wang Jinhua said that he would be satisfied if he could sell 500,000 yuan a year. In the first half of this year, his Hunan Shaoyang Yuantai Industrial Company exported 19 million US dollars of hair products. “60% of the wigs worn by African friends come from Shaoyang!”

Thai is a microcosm. In a short span of four or five years, the number of enterprises with export performance in Hunan has grown from less than 1,000 to nearly 6,000.

The river is full of water. According to Changsha Customs statistics, in the first three quarters, Hunan’s total import and export value was 313.41 billion yuan, up 50.4% over the same period last year. On the basis of two consecutive years of high growth in 2017 and 2018, Hunan’s import and export value increased rapidly. Why does import and export rise in Hunan, an inland province that does not border or coast?

There are “nannies” in the park.

Enterprises Break Shell Wang jinhua’s fortune benefited from a series of measures taken after Hunan put forward the strategy of “innovation leading to the rise of opening up” at the end of 2016. The first is the “zero-breaking and doubling” operation. In 2014, Hunan registered 8,000 foreign trade enterprises, with less than 1,000 import and export businesses. “The first step is the most difficult. Help these enterprises’ break the zero’ and take the first step of export. Encourage enterprises with outstanding performance to double and’ double’.” Director of the Department of Commerce Xu Xiangping said.

Talent, logistics and financing have become major constraints. Hunan’s commerce department began to build a “foreign trade comprehensive service center” to act as an agent for enterprises through government purchase of services. After winning the bid, Haotong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. set up a branch in Shaoyang to provide free package services such as documents, customs clearance, logistics and even trade settlement for foreign trade enterprises in the park.

Without further ado, Wang jinhua entrusted the intermediate link to the service center of the park. In 2016, the company’s exports totaled 13 million US dollars.

At present, Hunan has identified 62 Jiayuan District Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Center, basically realizing full coverage of major parks. The “zero-breaking and doubling” has also yielded full results: in the first half of the year, there were over 800 import and export zero-breaking enterprises and over 600 doubling enterprises. The newly increased import and export volume of “zero-breaking and double-doubling” enterprises accounts for about 70% of the total newly increased volume in the province.

In Changsha County, the reporter felt this change. From January to September this year, Changsha County realized an import and export volume of 8.35 billion US dollars. Among them, 327 enterprises with foreign trade import and export qualifications were newly added, and 188 enterprises achieved zero-breaking foreign trade performance, with a zero-breaking amount of US$ 2.08 billion. Ninety-six enterprises doubled their foreign trade performance, with an import and export volume of US$ 2.69 billion.

Platform short board Disparity Becomes Advantage On Dongting Lake, a vast expanse of blue waves, boats come and go. A group of off-road vehicles imported from the Middle East are waiting in line for environmental protection inspection at the vehicle import port of Chenglingji New Port in Yueyang City. Zhang Changyun, head of the Auto Trade Division of Chenglingji Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, said, “Parallel imported cars are growing rapidly. Last year there were more than 2,900 units, and this year there have been more than 6,000 in Hong Kong. Although it is an inland port, the overall cost can rival some coastal ports. ”

Chenglingji Xingang automobile port is the first vehicle import port in the central region. At present, it has achieved the goal of “adopting the world and selling the whole country”. With the import and export platform, the disadvantage of the central region of Hunan that it is not located along the coast immediately translates into an advantage that is close to the consumer market.
In the golden autumn, the Changbei freight yard of Changsha freight center of Guangzhou railway group is busy. Waving his arms, the gantry crane will load containers one by one into the central European squad. electronic products, shoes, hats, clothing and other “made in Hunan” will arrive in Germany and France in about half a month.

Six years ago, Changsha launched the first China-Europe class in the country. From January to August this year, Changsha shipped 300 trains from China and Europe, up 156% year-on-year, ranking sixth out of 62 cities in the country. The customs department will assign special personnel to receive the order and handle it within half a day from customs declaration to customs clearance and issuance.

“As an inland province, the number of import and export platforms used to be small, which restricted the development of Hunan’s foreign trade.” Tang Yun Feng, Commissioner of Changsha Customs, said. “In recent years, the number of platforms has increased and the efficiency has improved, which has greatly improved Hunan’s import and export.” At present, the province has 12 bonded warehouses and 4 export supervision warehouses. There are five comprehensive bonded zones, the number of which is the highest in the central region.

High quality manufacturing Fight against big waves “Among the export products, mechanical and electrical products and high-tech products account for a high proportion and increase rapidly, which shows that Hunan’s real economy, especially the manufacturing industry, is growing in strength and innovation capability.” Li Biao, director of the European Office of the Department of Commerce, said.

Strike out the international market and let small enterprises like Thai change from small to large. Fighting against the big waves has also made some enterprises continuously strengthen research and development and become stronger and stronger while constantly adapting to the personalized needs of foreign customers.

In the golden autumn season, workers are stepping up production of a glass product, which is a special glass for B-pillar touch panel of an American auto giant. Lanse Technology is the only supplier of this product. “It looks like a product, which is supported by years of technological innovation accumulation of Lansi Technology.” Vice President Liu Shuguang said. Every year, the company invests more than 1 billion yuan in research and development to ensure its dominant position in the touch panel field. So far, 1404 patents have been obtained.

Exports have forced enterprises to speed up technological innovation, which in turn has won a broader and higher-end market. Take construction machinery as an example, “our mini excavators are trying to reach the number one brand in the European market.” Zhou Youkang, who is in charge of export business at Sunhe Intelligent Equipment Company, said. In the first three quarters, the import and export volume of Shanhe intelligent equipment reached 110 million US dollars, up 61.8%. In the process of fighting with the world’s construction machinery giants, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion and other enterprises are getting stronger and stronger. Among the top 50 manufacturers of construction machinery in the world, 4 of the 12 Chinese enterprises shortlisted are in Hunan.

In 2016, after Hunan established the strategy of “innovation leads to the rise of opening up”, it will focus on the real economy and accelerate scientific and technological innovation to promote the construction of a strong manufacturing province. At present, the whole province has formed a world-class advanced industrial cluster of construction machinery, rail transportation and aviation engines, electronic information, new materials and consumer goods industries. It has become China’s important rail transportation research and development and production base, export base and construction machinery manufacturing base. The global market share of electric locomotives ranks among the world’s leading. This has become the biggest confidence for the rapid growth of Hunan’s foreign trade.


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