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Zhang Lan of Hunan Foreign Trade Vocational College: Explaining the Nature of Teachers by Being a Teacher and Warming up Students with Love

Zhang Lan (3rd from left) is guiding students to practice.

Zhang Lan of Hunan Foreign Trade Vocational College: Explaining the Nature of Teachers by Being a Teacher and Warming up Students with Love
Zhang Lan of Hunan Foreign Trade Vocational College: Explaining the Nature of Teachers by Being a Teacher and Warming up Students with Love

Red Net Time reporter Zheng Tao Changsha reports “She is full of positive energy and makes people feel warm and at ease.” “She works very hard and is also very responsible. She would rather take on more responsibilities than give others any trouble.” “She is intellectual, considerate and like her sister” … These warm-hearted evaluations all point to the same person-Zhang Lan, School of Electric Business, Hunan Vocational College of Foreign Trade, and “Lanjie”, which is often mentioned by students of the school.

As the youngest full-time teacher of the E-commerce College, Zhang Lan is steadfast and steady in her work, and always takes the initiative to undertake the affairs of the College. She devotes herself to her work, makes no complaint or regret, actively explores and innovates her ideas, deeply deepens the excellent qualities of hard-working, earnest, careful and willing to contribute in her job, is recognized by the superior leadership, is recognized by the majority of colleagues, and has won the titles of “advanced individual” and “excellent party member” many times. Respect the post and love the industry. The gentle breeze and drizzle moisten the silence.

She graduated from Wuhan University in 2013 with a major in e-commerce, and six years of learning experience in e-commerce at Wuhan University have laid a foundation for her dedication and love for e-commerce. This college graduate, who was once a former Beipiao and has been working in an enterprise for four years, has devoted his passion and sweat to e-commerce and education.

As a new teacher and a young teacher with an e-commerce training background, Zhang Lan devoted all the passion and passion of young people to a three-foot platform. From database courses, cross-border e-commerce practice to cross-border e-commerce selection, she was always willing to try the most difficult and challenging courses. After six months in the job, she took over the job as a counselor in class 1705 of e-commerce. she was always eager to care for every student and became one with them. No matter in life, emotional or academic difficulties, students are always willing to talk to her in the first place. And she is like a bosom elder sister, listening and giving reasonable suggestions.

Zhang Lan said that she likes to deal with students. The children’s simple mind and young mind will infect her. In teaching, she always conveys positive energy to students, teaching them by word and deed, teaching them to be confident, optimistic, diligent and studious. She will also try her best to find out the bright spots of students, and constantly encourage and guide them so that they can surpass themselves, display their talents and realize their values with confidence and courage. Yi Yechan, who took part in the 4th National Committee of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation’s Cross-border E-commerce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, was always excited and praised when talking about Mr. Zhang.

“Teacher Zhang always infects me. No matter how busy I am, I still insist on guiding us to compete every day. I am patient and always spare no effort to help us adjust our thinking and answer questions. I very much hope that I can be gentle, progressive and capable like Teacher Zhang in the future.” Yi Yechan said.

The second year of school comes at a time when e-commerce is vigorously developing cross-border e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce is seriously short of teachers. Zhang Lan has turned to cross-border e-commerce without hesitation, supporting the construction of the e-commerce (cross-border) specialty of Hunan Foreign Trade Vocational College. Zhang Lan, who has never been in contact with cross-border e-commerce, knows very well that the paper will eventually become shallow, and that it must be done personally. In order to better improve her practical operation ability and truly understand the cross-border e-commerce industry, she contacted a number of cross-border e-commerce companies and volunteered to study in a number of companies using her vacation and leisure time. In the summer vacation of 2018, Zhang Lan, who decided to transform, went to the International Business Department of Hunan Gao Qiao Large Market Co., Ltd. to practice for more than one month. Led 10 students to truly experience the operation process of cross-border e-commerce platform AliExpress, collected materials and cases, and compiled them into a book. At that time, she became a “cross-border e-commerce expert”.

Thanks to her excellent professional knowledge and ability, Zhang Lan won the first prize of the provincial cross-border e-commerce skills competition many times. Therefore, she was exceptionally selected as the youngest teaching and research section director of the school before becoming a full member after one year of work.
Respecting sages and loving talents, one’s abdomen is full of poetry and calligraphy Since becoming director of the e-commerce teaching and research section in 2018, busyness has become the norm in Zhang Lan.

In her occasional spare time, she often goes to Changsha library to stay quietly. “In your present temperament, you are hiding the books you have read, the roads you have traveled, and the people you have loved. This is my favorite sentence. It is my favorite thing to stay in the library all day, read a book I like, and feel the peace of time. ” Zhang Lan believed that books are not rouge, but can make women’s hearts permanent. Reading is not everything, but can make women ever-changing.

With the rapid development of the e-commerce college, the work of the e-commerce teaching and research section is getting busier and busier. only in the past October, the e-commerce teaching and research section has experienced the busiest month. in addition to completing the basic teaching work, all staff participated in the Hunan province e-commerce (cross-border e-commerce) teacher skills competition, successfully implemented the spot check of e-commerce skills, and successfully implemented the Senma “double eleven” project.

At the same time of busyness, how to overcome the youth’s fickleness is a lesson she strives to practice.

“Lanjie, I want to do a project with you, learn from you how to write copywriting and how to make PPT, and feel very practical with you.” Liang Qilong of Class 1704 e-commerce company found her voluntarily. At this time, at the call of Zhang Lan, two groups of students from the Electric Business School successfully applied for two school-level innovation and entrepreneurship incubation projects: e-commerce innovation and entrepreneurship in SWEET Community and WE Tuo e-commerce. From the formulation of entrepreneurial ideas, in-depth enterprise research, studio naming, project proposal writing, ppt production to on-site reporting and defense, Zhang Lan guided and personally revised them one by one, which lasted nearly 2 months. The project proposal and PPT were highly praised by the judges and small partners.

However, only Zhang Lan herself knows that no matter how busy she is at work every day, she will still leave herself about one hour to enjoy reading alone after she leaves her job. It is the insistence of six years without exception that has made her accumulate wealth and make her rich. Whether it is PPT for enrollment promotion of E-commerce College or PPT for the work plan of E-commerce College to build Hunan Province’s first-class professional group with special characteristics of higher vocational education, she has taken the initiative to shoulder this important task.
People familiar with Zhang Lan said: “Zhang Lan is like a chicken blood every day. No matter how busy he is, he is always in high spirits.” It is also the mood brought by reading every night that enables her to understand life. The most difficult practice is to cultivate in the world of mortals without dust. All the sorrows and joys experienced have finally turned into today’s understanding.

When you are proud, books are friends who can calm your impetuous mind. When lonely, books are friends, which can enrich the dull life. When frustrated, books are good teachers and can make decadent life high-spirited.

Zhang Lan’s unique exquisite and tender style of acting, coupled with her boundless love for education, flashes wisdom in details, shows calm in busy work, and gives consideration to both feelings and responsibilities. We believe that her career path will become wider and wider.


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