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How does rookie receive orders for foreign trade? Look here

Is it really difficult to receive orders for foreign trade? YES …… but when you have your own methodology of foreign trade, things may become much easier.

How does rookie receive orders for foreign trade? Look here
How does rookie receive orders for foreign trade? Look here

Now Elva will teach you how to make it easier to receive foreign trade orders. Here are 7 ways to use them:

01 Make good use of social APP to dig up customer information Apps such as Facebook and Linkedin … foreigners like to fill in their company name/position/hobbies, etc. It’s actually quite easy to find target customers on social platforms!

If you can’t find it on the social APP, Google won’t let you down-as long as you do the search, the company name/email address of the other party, you will get unexpected results, maybe his registration information in a forum, maybe his company’s recruitment information … as long as you are willing to work hard, you can still dig up the information of most customers!

02 Distinguish the Decision-making Power of Customers After digging up the customer’s company information, you also need to know the customer’s position in the company. Is he at the decision-making level or an ordinary employee? Does he have the final say or the right to suggest to the leaders? If he is just an ordinary purchaser, then he may only be responsible for collecting data … when you are trying to recommend products to him, he may not be interested or have no decision-making power. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish which decision-making power the customer you are communicating with has!

03 Instant Chat to Follow up Customers Whether you use chat software such as Skype/WhatsApp/Ins/Viber or traditional communication such as telephone short messages, you must keep in touch with customers after sending emails. However, it takes a lot of energy to maintain the relationship with many customers through instant chat, depending on how you classify them. Remember to exclude some customers who dislike chatting and not scare them away.

For example, after sending an email, you can make a phone call to confirm and tell the other party what your company is, what your purpose is and what your advantages are … Simply make a few words to make the customer notice you, instead of leaving you behind after reading many emails.

04 Price Reduction Strategy Within the range that you can accept, reduce the price a little, and add the premise of time-limited discount to guide customers to place orders immediately. If the customer really wants to buy it, or if the other party has not decided on the price comparison, you may succeed with this price reduction strategy! Of course, the price reduction is to reassure customers on the premise of ensuring the quality of products-price reduction does not mean lowering the quality of products.

05 price increase strategy Don’t come up and inform the customers of the price increase, be careful to scare the customers away! This is just to stimulate him to get a cheaper price right away. The reason can be said to be the rise in exchange rate and the rise in prices of raw materials, suggesting that there will be an adjustment in prices in the near future. However, if an old customer can place an order in the near future, he can apply for a good price to test the customer’s response.

06 Stimulate customers who have not placed orders with recently completed customers Stimulate your customers who haven’t placed an order with the customers who have recently completed the order, and let the customers know that this product is very popular and that there is not much stock in stock, so hurry up and grab it. At the same time, he used the price reduction strategy to stimulate again and told him that he could enjoy some preferential treatment. In addition, if you can place an order in the near future, you can also shorten the delivery time for it. Many customers care about the delivery time.

07 Intentionally Sending Wrong PI to Customers Deliberately send wrong PI to customers to stimulate their purchasing desire. Just make a simple PI without filling in any customer information, but write down your information and send it to the target customer. You can even omit the address and directly say “Hi, please check the precursor invoice and confirm it.” This shows that you have settled everything, only PI and then the customer makes the payment.

Of course, the price in PI is better to be a little lower, so the customer will most likely ask you questions about PI, and you will be surprised to reply, “how did you send it to you? it was sent in the wrong way. sorry.” If the customer does not ask you and is indifferent, you can wait two days to send an e-mail explaining that you sent the wrong PI just found out and asked him to ignore it. This move is mainly to stimulate customers.


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