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This is the key to whether foreign trader Google is used well or not

Google search for customers is not a skill, but your thinking.

This is the key to whether foreign trader Google is used well or not
This is the key to whether foreign trader Google is used well or not

Here, thinking is the first.

Many foreign trade people Google does not work well because they have formed a mindset.

I can’t open my mind, but I can’t work hard with tools.

01 questions from trainees Sam, hello! I would like to ask:

Using Google to search for customers, on the premise that there is no problem in keyword matching, is the biggest factor affecting the search effect the setting of customer websites?
In other words, taking your products as an example, we know from the customs data that most of the top 20 trading countries are developed countries.

These local networks are developed and the information is transparent. Customers will also optimize some websites, so it will be easier to get corresponding customers through Google.
If most of the top 20 countries are Asian, African and Latin American countries, customers in these countries may not pay enough attention to website construction and do not know what internet marketing is. Google search is not very effective in this situation.

Because the premise of Google search is: the matching degree between search keywords and websites.

For example: monosodium glutamate, only the United States, Japan and South Korea are developed countries in the top 20 of China’s exports, but only the United States uses English as its mother tongue, so such products have little effect when Google is used.

Therefore, my point of view is: first of all, to study the major exporting countries of the products and define the export direction.

If the top few are some third world countries, Google search can only be used as an aid, and exhibitions and customer visits are still the focus.

If the top few are developed countries, they can mainly rely on Google, website optimization, social networking and other online marketing methods.

For some start-up enterprises or individual SOHO, the use of network to develop customers is a cost-effective means, so such people should rely on this aspect in selecting products.

Let’s hear Sam’s point of view. Thank you!

My suggestion With the globalization of the world, do you think there are any places where people who do international trade do not use the Internet?

Even if the website itself seo is not good and cannot be included, it does not mean that we cannot find them through the network.

To learn to expand our thinking, some markets are willing to use B2B platforms, yellow pages websites and exhibitions, so can we collect information by searching these exhibition directories?

SNS platforms are almost everywhere, and China and Southeast Asia also have their own favorite platforms. Naturally, they can also search for customer information through these platforms.
For a SOHO, there should not be enough financial support to run the exhibition. It can only be done through the Internet, but Google can’t find it. Is it because their respective markets have their own preferred search engines?

AOL in the United States, ARABO in the Middle East, YANDEX in Russia, yahoo in Japan and China all have their own Baidu. What’s the difference between the use of these search engines? Can you do some research like google?

Looking for customers, the key words are only a part, and matching is also a relative concept. Each market has different buying habits and appellations for products.

The key words that you match well in European and American markets are not suitable in central and southeast Asia, which is also the reason for studying the market.

Take monosodium glutamate as an example, when you search, do you use the term monosodium glutamate, or spices and seasonings? Even if it’s just food, don’t use google to find too many importers in third countries.

Judging from the products you cited, it is only a hypothesis that the search effect is not good and the so-called keyword matching setting is no problem.

If you can’t find it, there must be some problems in the setup, but the biggest problem is still thinking, which can’t be opened and it’s impossible to work hard with tools.

Don’t get stuck in thinking In fact, those who do international trade now will pay more and more attention to the influence of the network, so only more and more customers can be found.
As we mentioned earlier in the Middle East, linkedin is very popular there. There are many ways to use LinkedIn. It depends on whether you can open your mind and not stick to the rules.

In the Middle East, 3in is not very suitable, but B2B that we exclude can come in handy.

Many people like to find some search formulas, but I think what should be learned is thinking.

Our usual search is determined by considering the connection between various information.

For example, if you want to find the contact information of a customer, you can search wherever the customer may leave contact information.

In addition to the company website, there are SNS platform, domain name purchase information, including some B2B can also be found, and some exhibition directories also have contact information.

The nature of some industries determines that the company’s contact information can also be found in the list of cooperating units on the official website, such as bidding information of infrastructure industry.

Learning the curriculum is about thinking, opening up thinking, studying the market, looking for the characteristics of industrial products and customer preferences, and not sticking to thinking.


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