How should transformed foreign trade factories attract cross-border e-commerce sellers?

In recent years, with the overall decline and fragmentation of B2B orders in foreign trade, traditional foreign trade factories, which originally relied on the small profits but quick turnover model, have not only to withstand the impact of the Sino-US trade war, but also to carry the inventory risk and the pressure of the accounting period for customers, making their survival difficult.
Under the crisis, some people are insisting that some people choose to lay off workers and relocate factories, and others choose more diversified business development. From the perspective of the cross-border e-commerce industry, there are also not a few traditional foreign trade factories that choose to transform and set foot in the cross-border e-commerce industry.
Cross-border e-commerce customers become “hot cakes” in the eyes of traditional factories.

How should transformed foreign trade factories attract cross-border e-commerce sellers?
How should transformed foreign trade factories attract cross-border e-commerce sellers?

To sum up, there are no more than two ways for traditional foreign trade factories to transform into cross-border e-commerce: one is to “go to sea” to be sellers, including recruiting agents, recruiting teams, self-built teams and other direct contacts with C-end consumers, which all belong to this category; The other is still concentrating on its old business-producing products for cross-border e-commerce sellers, or investing in or buying shares in cross-border e-commerce enterprises and sellers.

Of course, directly, transforming to be a seller is undoubtedly the choice with the largest span. From the entire supply chain of team formation-production-operation-logistics-promotion-after-sales, all have to be done by hand. For many foreign trade factories, the technical level is indeed difficult and the energy level may not be allowed.

Therefore, more foreign trade factories expand cross-border channels by supplying goods to cross-border e-commerce sellers. However, cross-border e-commerce sellers’ orders are characterized by small batch, multi-batch and multi-SKU, which are qualitatively different from the orders and production modes of traditional foreign trade factories B2B. However, it is obvious that foreign trade factories are more willing to make adjustments in cooperation methods to embrace new changes.

“We are very willing to cooperate with cross-border e-commerce sellers. The price is easy to discuss and there is no requirement for batch production.” In an interview with, the head of a foreign trade textile factory in Nantong said. He said that although there are some sellers who are smaller in size and have smaller orders and more miscellaneous goods, they are willing to grow with the sellers.

“The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in recent years is also a serious decline in orders from our traditional channels. Although cooperation with cross-border e-commerce sellers is faced with mode adjustment, the order volume of some sellers with relatively large volume is also very surprising, and cross-border e-commerce sellers usually settle the payment now, which greatly relieves our financial pressure. Of course, we are also willing to give sellers with long cooperation time or large orders a certain accounting period. ” The person in charge said.

How to attract cross-border customers? Quality certification word-of-mouth communication is the core Cross-border e-commerce sellers have undoubtedly become a hot topic in the eyes of transformed foreign trade factories. How can the factory attract more cross-border e-commerce customers? Apart from the adjustment and change of cooperation mode, the change of thinking is equally important.

“Times have changed and the market has also changed. Now basically every factory can provide cross-border e-commerce sellers with a” one-piece payment “and can also discuss the payment period for big sellers. Everyone has the same method, even some factories have started a price war, but that is not a long-term solution after all. ” Industry insiders told Hugo. com that in order to attract cross-border e-commerce sellers to purchase, they still need to change their thinking and think from the seller’s point of view. Even if I don’t know how to operate, I still understand the basic business logic. To sum up, there are two key points: innovative intellectual property rights; Word-of-mouth communication of quality certification.

Innovative intellectual property rights. I have you and I don’t, which is the greatest competitiveness for sellers, so factories should attach great importance to innovation and their own research and development design. In addition, there is the issue of intellectual property rights. Factories should strictly avoid products that may infringe upon their rights and apply for intellectual property protection for products they develop. They can provide exclusive product authorization for some major customers, improve their competitiveness and stabilize large orders of factories at the same time.

Word-of-mouth communication of quality certification. Returning to the essence of business, in fact, no matter what type of customers they are facing, the quality of their products is still the top priority. The quality is excellent, and word-of-mouth effect will be formed in both the customer and the terminal consumer market, which will ensure the continuous orders of the factory.
In addition, certification documents of various quality are also necessary-for international standards, for European standards, for Australian standards, for U.S. standards … and for product certification of various sub-categories should be prepared in advance, and relevant product certification should be updated at any time according to changes in target market rules and policies. “It doesn’t matter that the factory doesn’t understand these inspection procedures or certification standards. It can cooperate with professional service providers to solve these problems.

However, it is worth noting that when selecting relevant service providers, factories must choose enterprises with strength and qualifications, such as QIMAi Qima. Many factories I know have established close cooperation with them. ” The industry added.

According to reports, QIMAi Qima (Supply Chain Compliance Solution Service Provider) will send experts to the factory to conduct on-site product inspection and supplier audit, and tailor supply chain and product quality compliance solutions according to the actual situation of the factory, and update the factory’s product certification in synchronization with the new policies and regulations in the target market.

In addition, the cooperative factory can clearly see the quality status of each of its products through the digital management of QIMAi Qima platform, and see the improvement trend of its product quality from the long-term data accumulation.

These are the core advantages that you can attract cross-border e-commerce sellers more than your peers.


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