Foreign trade bosses and bosses who want to transform into foreign trade should pay attention! These contents must be read

Recently, a foreign trade person joined a company as a foreign trade manager and found himself taking over a mess after joining the company.

Foreign trade bosses and bosses who want to transform into foreign trade should pay attention! These contents must be read
Foreign trade bosses and bosses who want to transform into foreign trade should pay attention! These contents must be read

Because the former foreign trade manager took the team and the customers with him when he left. although everyone left, the company’s platform still serves the former foreign trade manager more or less now! Why do you say that?

Because the former foreign trade manager added picture links to more than 1,000 pieces of product information on the platform and linked them to the website platform he privately established. Before, the more important customer information was deleted, leaving behind some useless or low-quality customer information.

The whole foreign trade department of the company can be said to be directly paralyzed. The boss stamped his feet in anger and cursed shamelessly!

At this time, the landlord will ask, what kind of boss is this, who has given the manager so much time and done so many things, each product information is linked and linked to his own website platform, the boss did not notice at all, and the team was taken away, and the boss did not notice at all before taking away, yes, if there is any notice, then it can’t be taken away!

In fact, in the previous posts of the landlord, there have been similar cases in which former managers took away customers themselves. moreover, most of these bosses were born in domestic trade. the domestic trade was not bad before. why did they stumble on foreign trade?

The main reason is that these bosses don’t understand foreign trade and don’t go to study. They always say that they don’t doubt the employment and don’t doubt the people. However, there is also a prerequisite for employing people without doubt. It cannot be said that they can be used by any one person. The result of improper employment is that the loss outweights the gain!

There are quite a number of bosses with beautiful thoughts in their heads, which means that I don’t understand foreign trade, I don’t learn foreign trade, but I can do foreign trade, how do I do it? I just need to find professional people to do it, I only need to invest, then let professional people do websites for me, do platforms, talk about customers, issue orders and take goods, I only take charge of collecting money, paying wages and settling commissions, and then OK! Just sit and count the money!

Is this really possible? Yes! Some bosses have trained their own teams, and their systems and treatment are reasonable in all respects. moreover, they employ the right people. indeed, some bosses are very relaxed. for example, boss Dai, who climbed Songshan mountain with the old bird after the trip to Zhengzhou, has his subordinates working as usual, while the boss is climbing the mountain, eating, traveling and playing. Although boss Dai is not a big boss, her company will not have the kind of things mentioned just now. why?


First, the team formed itself and the personnel trained themselves.

Second, the system is more reasonable.

Third, the treatment is basically satisfactory.

Fourth, although there is no doubt about employing people, proper supervision and management are still necessary! At the very least, as a boss, you should know what your subordinates are doing every day.

For example, in the process of mountain climbing, boss Dai’s cell phone rang once. when he opened it, an inquiry came up on the platform. boss Dai stared at the cell phone for dozens of seconds. the landlord asked, “how can I handle the inquiry myself?” Dai boss said: “I’ll take a quick look, the inquiry has already been opened by the salesman.” The landlord smiled, yes, my mind is good enough.

In fact, if boss Dai does not look at the inquiry, the salesmen will open it and deal with it. he just said that the boss will conduct random checks from time to time. he doesn’t know when he will conduct random checks. when he is free, or when he comes to think of it, he will conduct random checks. how can the subordinate salesmen be lazy?

To the feeling of subordinate employees, the boss is very concerned about everyone’s work progress, work situation, you actively work hard, the boss see in the eye; If you are lazy occasionally, the boss may turn a blind eye. If you violate the regulations and are found by the boss’s occasional spot checks, then there will be consequences.

Or did something contrary to the company’s interests, if the circumstances are not serious, immediately correct it. If the circumstances are serious, immediately dismiss! There can be no such thing as the boss in the case just now. Thousands of product information on the company platform are linked to the manager’s own website platform. The boss doesn’t even know! If one or two links are added, the boss doesn’t know what to understand, but thousands of links are added, and the boss doesn’t know, it is really terrible! Because he is a sheep herder and doesn’t care at all. You don’t care about your own company. Who is waiting for you to care?

Don’t say that you don’t know English, some bosses don’t know English, others also remote control, to an inquiry, don’t know, mobile phone translation software to translate a few key words will probably know what products customers want, as for the specifications and details, the boss is also understand at a glance. At the beginning of the spot check, it may be troublesome to check words, but over a long period of time, the products are tossed and turned with only a few words. even if you can’t read them, you know what they mean when you see them. it takes a little time and energy in the early stage, and it really doesn’t take much time for the spot check occasionally when it runs steadily in the later stage. As long as the boss grasps the overall direction, has the mentality, knows the concrete each link, the subordinate should do, that is easier to manage.

In fact, there are many professionals, but it is not easy to find a professional to serve your company.

Because, professional people after their company struggle for performance, or when the manager, or the boss distribution of certain shares, through the distribution of shares to retain people! The somebody else do well, why go with you?

Or another kind of person, very professional, has accumulated some funds and experience and started a company to export after resigning. In this case, will you be served?

There is another, really honed for a long time, also really very professional, but meet people not pretty, was the boss to pit, how to say this kind of situation, also is not you say meet can meet!

The only one that is most common is that I have several years of experience in foreign trade, but I am not very professional. I am not satisfied with one bottle and half a bottle are wandering around. However, in order to get better job treatment, I will probably brag about how good I am during the interview. Some bosses believe it, they have no performance for three months or half a year after the recruitment and leave!

Therefore, it is not so easy to recruit a professional and reliable person!

It is often said that what does the boss do? The boss is the master of the general direction! If you don’t understand foreign trade, how do you grasp the general direction? ? To put it bluntly, if the boss wants to grasp the general direction, he must have his own ideas, not necessarily do it himself, but at the very least, how to do foreign trade? What does the foreign trade manager do?

What do foreign trade salesmen do? What do you want to do? The boss must have it in his head! If you don’t have it in your head, how do you know if they did it right or wrong? You don’t even know if your subordinates are doing the right thing, how can you ensure the stable development and continuous growth of your company?

Why do people often say that they have been poor for three years? The fundamental reason is that new entrants to an industry, do not understand the situation, do not understand the industry’s doorways, easy to suffer when detours, spend money to buy experience, buy lessons! If there is sufficient funds, buy some experience and lessons, and then understand some truth, of course, it may be done, but what if there is insufficient funds? After gaining experience and lessons, there is no turning back in the short term!

The landlord wrote in a previous post that at the beginning of last year, boss Zhang invested more than 300,000 yuan on the platform. he did not have any inquiries for five months. he was very anxious. he attended lectures everywhere and studied everywhere. finally, he got more than 200 inquiries in June, which is more obvious than before. should he be happy? In fact, it was too early to be happy, because with inquiries, the conversion rate was still very low, and only two or three of the 200 inquiries were closed. Therefore, it began to cultivate the analysis and processing ability of the salesmen. Until the Shenzhen Foreign Trade Summit at the end of last year, Boss Zhang met with the landlord. The landlord learned that the salesmen of Boss Zhang’s company had grown from the original five or six to more than a dozen, and each salesmen could support himself. In other words, they could earn back their wages and expenses as well as profits, and the rest was naturally the profits of the boss. At this time, boss Zhang actually asked the landlord a question, is there any better and more effective way to make more lists, because he wants to develop more! The landlord is a bit speechless, because you will not lose money within one year, there will also be profits, the salesman this kind of situation, already very good! In fact, the train of thought and method are correct. In the process of steady development, customers are accumulated and new customers are continuously developed. Then it will slowly develop. Also want to faster!

Analysis of Zhang’s Little Success:

First, willing to invest more than 300,000 yuan directly on the platform! A little bit of energy!

In the second and fifth months, there was basically no inquiry, and when I met a problem, I went to see doctors everywhere. Of course, I must have met quack doctors in the process. I spent money and did not solve the problem, but I am not discouraged. The key is also that I did not see the effect when I invested the money. Therefore, I continue to look for ways to solve the problem. In the end, everything comes to me and I find a way to solve the problem!

Third, it has the ability to carry out its tasks. It does what it says and does it. When it comes to problems, it will not be delayed. It must be solved.

Fourth, they are energetic and energetic, asking questions if they don’t understand and studying if they don’t understand.

Fifth, have a young heart!

The fourth point is not easy for many successful bosses in domestic trade, because they feel that they are already good bosses, have a lot of social experience and have their own way of success, so it is a bit embarrassing to ask for advice modestly! What’s more, I am the boss, I am on high, rich, I am willing to spend money to hire you, as long as you can give me a performance, I will certainly give more than peers, under the reward will be brave! But the landlord wants to say, don’t forget, you have to pay people to see the effect! There are several kinds of professionals, only one of which is not easy to meet, others are not professional, or not very professional, even if you recruit, even if the other party may make achievements, but also need the process! However, the boss may not have that long patience, and then some salespeople are doing well with their previous products, and may not be able to get the hang of a new product for 3 to 5 months. How do you get results?

There are more bosses, the salesmen and managers who were recruited before, who did not do foreign trade. They invested in the platform and also participated in the exhibition. Because foreign trade did not do so, the managers and salesmen left their jobs. They were still a little unwilling to continue doing foreign trade and recruiting. As a result, when the recruiter came, they wanted to attend the exhibition but did not participate. They said it was ineffective! If you don’t want the platform to do it, saying that you have done it before, it will have no effect. Finally, the salesman has no resources, so he can only rely on searching customers to send letters or social networks to obtain customers. I met some experienced salesmen, and when I saw that the boss’s company had no resources, I turned my head and left! When I met a novice salesman, I didn’t know anything. I was familiar with the product first, familiar with it for a period of time, and then focused on developing customers. I found it very difficult, because I sent a lot of opening letters and received very few replies. I didn’t have any experience myself, so the level of writing opening letters was not very good, mostly copied from the internet. finally, the salesman’s business was very difficult! As for the boss, no matter the reason at all, as long as you haven’t performed for a long time, you will feel that your ability is not good. This has turned into a negative cycle! You deny the ability of the salesman, the salesman was hit, did not have confidence, no performance!

Therefore, the boss’s company has turned into a company that recruits a group of salespeople, either by issuing a few sample lists or by issuing a few small lists, and then the salespeople leave one after another, and then the boss recruits again, then leaves, and develops for several years, but cannot develop! Finally, the expenses of recruiting personnel and several platforms have all gone out! Finally, foreign trade is really hard to do!

Mingming had a good hand and was beaten by himself. He also comforted himself that foreign trade was really difficult.

In fact, it’s not difficult to do foreign trade. The reason for your failure is very simple, because you don’t understand it. If the operator’s operating platform had no performance before, you said the platform had no effect. It may also be caused by your operator’s inability to operate the platform.

Human nature ah, there are some novice salesman, directly said I can’t platform operation, need someone to teach! This is the most straightforward! But what about the salesmen who have several years of experience, some of them say I can’t and need to learn, and some others what will they say? They won’t say I won’t in front of the boss! They will say that the platform has no effect! Not that I won’t, but that the platform has no effect! Because he has a kind of psychology, that is, he thinks he has several years of experience, if he can’t, isn’t it a bit embarrassing? Don’t want to admit that you won’t! At this time the boss, since there is no effect, did not do it, think oneself spend money to try wrong, spend money to buy a lesson! In fact, the boss himself did not understand the platform, met a salesman who did not understand the platform, and paid for a lesson with psychological comfort.

Therefore, most of the time, the root cause is not the difficulty of foreign trade. It’s the boss himself! If you don’t understand, don’t learn, and don’t have reliable people, then simply don’t do it! Times are changing, society is developing and progressing, and we all follow the development and change. We are still the same old ways, and we are slowly unable to eat. Either change your mind or don’t do it! Instead of losing money and not getting back the cost, it is better not to do it! In fact, it is for this reason that the boss’s thinking is wrong and the entire company’s employees suffer. The boss has the right idea. It is impossible to have an employee occasionally, which will not affect the overall situation.

So let’s observe:

You see, some companies do not have long-term salespeople, that certainly the boss can not; Some companies have been developing for many years, but they can’t, so it must still be the boss. The boss can’t, how to do, found, immediately withdraw! Otherwise, you will be the unintelligent soldier below. The boss is unintelligent. It will be even harder if you want to stay up for a whole day!

In fact, some people saw the case at the beginning of the post and would complain about the former manager who took away the team and customers. Because not everyone does not speak righteousness and morality! Is that most people speak righteousness and morality! The reason why the former manager took the team away is definitely the reason of the boss! If the boss is popular, even if the former manager wants to take the whole team away, he may not be able to take them all away. At least some of them will continue to work for the boss.
Of course, some bosses are good at employing people. Even if they don’t understand foreign trade, they do it very well and manage it well. However, most small and medium-sized enterprises still have some problems more or less. In particular, some domestic trade companies want to transform their factories into foreign trade. If they don’t understand foreign trade, it is really difficult to develop.

Summary: The choice of salesman is very important to the boss. The boss must have his own ideas to do a good job in foreign trade. The boss has ideas, the boss has good ideas, the company develops well, the profit is good, the salesman’s treatment can follow well, that can virtuous circle! The boss has no idea, either he is a blind conductor or he is a sheep herder. He is not responsible for the salesman. You say you are very nice, but in fact you are a salesman in the pit! Yes, the company can’t develop, the profit is not good or even lose money, you want to give the salesman a high salary, high commission can’t do it, then how can you virtuous circle?


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