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Flow Value must be Understood in Foreign Trade

The study found that [guess you like] on B2C websites can make maximum use of the value of each traffic. Because it can use the web page framework to expose more goods, it can retain the remaining non-jump traffic to sell goods again and realize the maximization of traffic value.

Flow Value must be Understood in Foreign Trade
Flow Value must be Understood in Foreign Trade

You may only feel that there is an extra module for pushing content, but behind it lies a lot of user analysis and research. Online shopping is lonely, but the feeling that can be fed back to the user [guess you like] is the friend of the user after browsing the website. It is the highest level of user experience to brush up the sense of being and let the website interact with the user all the time.

Then how will you be able to perfectly present [guess you like]? How to use this function? The scenes we use include the following pages: commodity details page, shopping cart page, purchase success page, member personal center, etc.

Product details page The purpose of browsing the product details page is to have higher interest in purchasing or demand for this product. If, in this scenario, the customer fails to complete the purchase, then “guess what you like” will play a role, and it will be recommended to the user in the form of similar products to make up for the user’s demand for products. The product details page is long and generally contains basic product information, promotion information, graphic details, evaluation, etc. 【 Guess You Like 】 will fix the module height and present it in a relatively simple way. It is composed of three elements: picture, title and price. The common form is a row of four or five displays, which solves the problem of limited exposure quantity of commodities caused by limiting module height in an automatic scrolling mode.

Purchase success page The “guess you like” that appears on this page is recommended to users according to their shopping cart records within 3 months. At this time, the user will mainly check the products added to the shopping cart or pay for them, and the appearance of “guess you like” can increase the user’s choices and increase the order placing rate.

Shopping success page After the purchase is successful, the function of “guess what you like” becomes supplementary content, recommending the products associated with this order to customers, and mining the potential needs of users. Here is the recommendation based on the order records of all members within three months.  We make good use of the layout, displaying recommended products in four or three rows in a row, and displaying more products in a limited range.

Member Personal Center The member personal center is a content page integrating user information, which is mainly functional and multi-purpose text display. [Guess You Like] Appearing as a single product and combining pictures and texts can achieve the effects of exposing goods and supplementing contents for users. It recommends products according to the order records of all members within three months, thus stimulating customers’ purchasing desire.

You may also like? Yes! I like。 [Guess You Like] It’s just a small process of user experience. How can users be satisfied? Besides gorgeous packaging and smooth operation, user experience is a crucial link.


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