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Good Response, Fast Train and Innovation —— Looking at Anhui Private Foreign Trade to Improve Quality and Increase Efficiency

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, October 30-Good Coping, Fast Train, Innovation-Looking at Anhui’s Private Foreign Trade to Improve Quality and Increase Efficiency Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Ona and Wang Fei The latest statistics from the Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce show that from January to September this year, private enterprises in Anhui Province realized an import and export of 24.96 billion US dollars, accounting for nearly 50% of the province’s total import and export value, up 28.5% year-on-year, of which 17.63 billion US dollars were exported, up 25.3% year-on-year. Thanks to many government escort measures and the innovation and upgrading of enterprises themselves, Anhui’s private foreign trade has handed over a report card that is fast and steady, and is becoming a “new force” in the high-quality development of foreign trade.

Good Response, Fast Train and Innovation —— Looking at Anhui Private Foreign Trade to Improve Quality and Increase Efficiency
Good Response, Fast Train and Innovation —— Looking at Anhui Private Foreign Trade to Improve Quality and Increase Efficiency

Sail with the wind and take advantage of the wind to actively cope with the changing market.

Behind the steady growth is the keen grasp of the market and the flexible adjustment of private foreign trade enterprises.

“With the recognition of traditional Chinese medicine abroad getting higher and higher, enterprises have caught up with the east wind of Chinese medicine going to sea. Since this year, the volume of Chinese medicine pieces exported to the European market has increased by more than 100% year on year.” Zhou songdong, general manager of Anhui xiehecheng pharmaceutical yinpian co., ltd, told reporters. In autumn, the centralized processing season of medicinal materials has entered. Workers are busy screening, crushing and frying, and working overtime to ensure the production progress.

Strict control of product quality will enable enterprises to “sail” immediately when the “wind” comes. Zhou Songdong said that many importing countries of traditional Chinese medicine have almost strict requirements on pesticide residues, heavy metals, sulfur dioxide and other contents. “For the decoction pieces factory, the quality control should start when the medicine is still in the field, so that when foreign customers find it, they can produce the products that meet the requirements at the first time.” Zhou Songdong said.

The international market is changing in wind direction. Enterprises can actively cope with the headwinds, and can also “take advantage of the situation” to rise.

It took more than two years. In August 2018, Anhui Sanfang New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. finally made a successful appeal against Australia’s “double opposition” investigation. The enterprise’s wear-resistant ball products will not be subject to a high tariff of more than 110%. Since the beginning of this year, the export business of wear-resistant castings, which was once almost stagnant, has resumed. Not long ago, a large order of wear-resistant balls worth over 230 million RMB was signed.

“Under the guidance and support of the commerce departments at all levels in the provinces and cities, we are determined to take the litigation path. After winning the case, we not only saved the market, but also gained new opportunities to expand our exports. ” Yang Ming, chairman of the board of directors, told reporters that it is expected that the export volume of enterprises in 2020 will double from 2018.

Build a platform and a favorable environment to “escort” the import and export of enterprises.

The B2B platform Dalong Network, located in Hefei Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Test Zone, has focused its development on the fast-growing Southeast Asian market. “luggage and other inexpensive products made in China are very popular in southeast Asia, so in the past two years we have consciously promoted the products of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries.” Yang Jun, general manager of Anhui Dalong cross-border electronic commerce Co., Ltd., said.

So far, in addition to Dalong, domestic leading cross-border e-commerce enterprises such as Netease Koala, Yidatong and Weipin International have settled in Hefei’s comprehensive cross-border e-commerce test zone, pushing small and medium-sized import and export enterprises to “touch the net and upgrade”.

Commodities not only have new channels to enter and exit, but also enjoy new speed. The feeling of Haicheng Banda International Logistics Co., Ltd., which provides import and export customs clearance and international freight services for Hefei semiconductor enterprises, is especially obvious. Semiconductor enterprises pay special attention to logistics timeliness. Some production enterprises require goods to arrive at the production line from the bonded area warehouse within 2 hours after the order is issued.

Li Qing, general manager of hefei branch of haicheng bangda, told reporters, “apart from choosing the fastest means of transportation, the most important limiting factor is the time limit for customs clearance. at present, most goods can be” released in seconds “at the customs. If the production equipment of the enterprise is damaged and the key parts need to be replaced, we can deliver them immediately. ”

As of June this year, the overall customs clearance time for Anhui province’s imports was 55.12 hours, a decrease of 73.76%, while the overall customs clearance time for exports was 0.85 hours, a decrease of 90.17%.

At the same time, with the continuous expansion of the coverage of export credit insurance in Anhui Province, the confidence and confidence of small and medium-sized enterprises in import and export have increased significantly. “If the funds of foreign clients are not in place during the account period, the insurance company will compensate them, which is equivalent to an extra layer of guarantee. Moreover, the government provides premium subsidies, which is a real help to small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises. ” Zhou Songdong said.

According to statistics, in the first three quarters of this year, Anhui province had 3,980 short-term export credit insurance policies with a total coverage of 7.26 billion USD, of which 3,300 were small and micro enterprises, accounting for 83% of the total number of insurance policies.

Private enterprises are becoming the “new force” in the high-quality development of foreign trade.

Statistics show that the export quality of Anhui private enterprises has improved. By the end of September, the import and export of high-tech products by private enterprises had reached US$ 5.47 billion, up 34.8% year-on-year, of which the export volume had reached US$ 3.42 billion, up 13.8% year-on-year.

The reporter visited and found that behind the high growth rate of foreign trade of many private enterprises is innovation blessing. “We are now making fewer and fewer conventional household products, namely’ staple goods’, and mainly pushing intelligent products with high added value, such as unmanned retail terminals and automatic coffee machines,” said He Yaping, minister of international trade of Lu ‘an Suoyi Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Since the beginning of this year, the sales volume of Zoe Electric Appliance in mature markets has been steadily increasing due to product upgrade. It is expected that the export volume will exceed 10 million US dollars, up about 150% year on year.

Private foreign trade enterprises have also emerged as leaders in expanding new markets. Anhui Liangliang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., located in Guangde City, Anhui Province, has seen its export volume increase by 25% this year, the highest in the same period of previous years. Chairman Wang Zuping told reporters that in recent years, enterprises have set up logistics centers with Dubai as the hub, not only opening up the Middle East market, but also setting up sales windows in Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and other countries, thus opening up the entire African market step by step.

In Anhui, private foreign trade enterprises have been deeply involved in international market competition. From January to September this year, private foreign trade enterprises in Anhui Province have achieved trade relations with 219 countries and regions in the world, of which 216 are exporting countries and regions and 115 are importing countries and regions.


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