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What are the requirements for individuals to engage in foreign trade SOHO

When it comes to foreign trade SOHO, people who are engaged in foreign trade must be familiar with it. Seeing people stay at home and work everyday, their income is still very rich, which makes many people who still work in foreign trade envious.

What are the requirements for individuals to engage in foreign trade SOHO
What are the requirements for individuals to engage in foreign trade SOHO

Now let’s talk about what qualifications an individual needs to have in order to engage in foreign trade SOHO:

First. In order to engage in SOHO, one needs experience, contacts and customers, which are indispensable.

Therefore, it is suggested that friends who want to engage in foreign trade SOHO should not envy the objective income of foreign trade SOHO first, but should be really patient and wait for a few years in foreign trade enterprises. Because you can gain experience in foreign trade enterprises, for example, what should you do if the goods are detained by the customs? How to deal with customers in different countries in different ways, which countries or regions need to purchase war insurance or strike insurance, and so on, these valuable experiences are a great wealth for each of you to engage in foreign trade SOHO in the future. In addition, there are also personal contacts. You can get rid of all kinds of people in foreign trade enterprises, such as freight forwarders, container transportation enterprises, storekeepers, inspection agents, customs inspection teachers, etc. These people are all indispensable “human resources” for you to operate SOHO alone in the future. Finally, there are customers, because you are engaged in foreign trade SOHO alone means that you do not have a stable source of income immediately, so it is most important to get the order as soon as possible and get the first bucket of gold. Those customers of your original foreign trade enterprise can be said to be your potential customers. After all, people are familiar with them. It is always easier to talk with them than to develop new customers yourself.

Second. Qualified and reliable affiliated companies and high-quality products.

Because an individual is engaged in foreign trade SOHO, there is no way to have relevant export qualifications. Therefore, you need to attach yourself to an enterprise with reliable credit standing as your shell (remember, it is a shell, not a shell company). The subsequent payment for your business transactions will be directly made to this company. He will only make the rest of the money to you after taking out the commission. This is your net profit. If the affiliated company has poor credit standing, it will be more troublesome if you don’t give your money. In addition, the quality of your products must be excellent. If the quality of your products is too low, you will not turn back your business, and you will lose everything.

Third. With the above two points in place, you can go to SOHO when you are ready.
In addition to old customers or original customers, new customers also need to be developed. Generally, the development of new customers requires you to have some network knowledge, such as web page editing, google search ranking optimization and other skills. Because you need to have your own website and put your product keywords in the front pages of google’s search, your customers will be able to see you.

Fourth. Strong will and endurance of loneliness.

On the surface, SOHO works at home and doesn’t have to squeeze buses to work every day, but you should be prepared to have no orders for a long time, or to communicate with customer Duolun. In addition, you and most foreign clients are sometimes poor, and sometimes you have to wait for foreign clients to go to work (mostly at midnight or early morning) to communicate. To put it bluntly, you don’t have working time and off-duty time, but you are always at work.


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