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Winter Manual for Foreign Trade

Special Topic: Yesterday’s beginning of winter Beginning of winter is one of the 24 solar terms.

Dou refers to beginning of winter in the northwest and 225 in the sun and yellow meridians, which intersect between November 7 and 8 on the Gregorian calendar.

Beginning of winter is a seasonal solar term, and beginning of winter said winter will begin from now on.

After beginning of winter, the sunshine duration will continue to shorten and the noon sun height will continue to decrease.

The ancients believed that on that day in beginning of winter, It is sunny and cold in winter.

It is rainy day, it is warm winter.

How does winter affect foreign trade?

The impact of winter on foreign trade Climate conditions will directly affect international trade activities.

Parts of Europe, Asia and North America in the northern hemisphere have extended into the cold Arctic Circle. As a result, some ports in high latitudes along the Pacific and North Atlantic coasts have too low temperatures and the ocean is frozen in autumn and winter, causing many ports to be shut down for half a year due to the unavailability of ships, and international trade to come to a near standstill.

Winter The impact of a warm winter on foreign trade Due to the increasing global temperature and the continuous warm winter in many countries in recent years, our country’s sales of ski gloves and snow tools to Canada, northern Europe and other countries are very sluggish. Customers have reduced their orders and even terminated the contracts. The volume of trade has greatly decreased, resulting in our goods overstock and economic damage.

Winter As winter approaches, Not only does it add a risk to foreign trade enterprises, It also brings a hope.

When the country is actively preparing for double 11, And people far across the ocean are also actively preparing for the war.

“Black Friday”!

Black Friday Shopping
Black Friday Shopping

“Black Friday”

The word “Black Friday” was first coined in Philadelphia in the 1960s to describe the crowded streets and heavy traffic on the first day after Thanksgiving. As a foreign version of Double Eleven, Black Five is a big shopping carnival. Now, more than 100 million Americans have participated in the promotion of Black Friday.
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