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The development of customer tools used by senior foreign trade personnel, if don’t know you will lose

Finding foreign customers has always been a vexing problem for foreign trade salesmen. The cycle of developing customers is getting longer and longer, and the cost is getting higher and higher. This means that we need to spend a lot of time and energy to find foreign customers. In fact, now the network is very developed and there are already many methods of customer development. Finding suitable auxiliary tools will greatly improve the efficiency of customer development and get twice the result with half the effort. Below I will share with you three tools and techniques used by some senior foreign trade professionals to help you develop your customers efficiently. Finding customers is no longer a problem!

The development of customer tools used by senior foreign trade personnel, if don't know you will lose
The development of customer tools used by senior foreign trade personnel, if don’t know you will lose

I. Making Good Use of Tools to Develop Customers Efficiently When developing customers, we can use tools to help us develop customers more efficiently and accurately.

1. WhatsApp-Instant Messaging WhatsApp is an ideal marketing tool with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. It can accurately reach our audience, promote our brand or product, and communicate with the public in real time. Its main functions are:

1) Broadcasting This tool has a broadcast function on it. We can send marketing information to all the telephone numbers we add through its broadcast function, but the number is limited. It can be sent to 256 contacts at most. The replies to the information are one-to-one, and only the customers can see it.

For example, we open the software, enter the dialogue page, click the [Contact] button, then press a [Friend] for a long time to enter the editing state, click the [New Broadcast] button at the top right to add at least two group friends, and click [Open] after adding the recipients.

2) group function It also has the function of grouping, creating groups and developing customers more accurately and efficiently. For example, when creating a group, we can add existing contacts to the group, or we can create empty groups, and then on other social platforms, users can click on the links we share to directly enter, so that customers who are interested in products can automatically join the group we create. In the group, you can share wonderful pictures, videos and preferential information with your team members, which is the most effective way to build brand trust and popularity. Different from Facebook group, WhatsApp group has no way to add it through search, only member invitation, which to some extent ensures that competitors will not poach our core users.

3) Tips for Finding Potential Customers After understanding its functions, let’s introduce a method to quickly find the WhatsApp account number of potential customers. For example, the key word of our product is LED, and the platform we are looking for is instagram. We can search LED and Integxt: WhatsApp Site: http://instagram.com in Google browser, and we can see the WhatsApp of the customer. Copy the account number and directly search and add it in the software.

Tips~: led and http://instagram.com can be replaced by the keywords and platform website we want to query.

2. Thomasnet-List of the Most Complete Companies in the United States Thomasnet is the largest and most comprehensive list of US companies. The target market is mainly US companies. It can help us search all registered US customer information. Of course, we can also send messages directly to the customer mailbox on the customer company page, that is, send letters directly to the customer mailbox and upload attachments. For example, the product catalog, product pictures or company introductions can be sent up to 25M and sent together. If the customer is interested in our products, the probability of reply will be very high.
Operation method: First enter official website, enter the product keywords or company name and brand name in the search field, click to enter a company page, where we can see the product classification, company introduction, website address, address, phone number, etc., and finally click to contact the supplier.

3. Google Map Google Map is a sub-product of Google. It includes a series of functions such as 3D function, Google Earth, weather layer, voice search, in-store display function, Google Map bus route function, in-house map function, etc. We can search and develop foreign customers through some of its functions.

We first open Google’s homepage, click on the product list in the upper right corner, select “map”, enter the map, and then enter the country we need to select. After the selection is completed, enter the keywords of our product, such as led, in the search box. From the search results displayed on the map, we can find the industry distribution of this product in the selected area, and then analyze the key markets of our product in the local area. The red dots displayed are the shops and suppliers related to led, which are actually our potential customers.

For example, if we choose one of the stores, the information of the store will be displayed in the left column, including address, website, phone number and even email information. More intuitively, we can look at the surrounding business environment through the function of “street view” and analyze its customer groups, which is helpful for us to develop it in a targeted way.
Second, the search engine has skills Here, I’d like to introduce some effective ways to find foreign customers in practice and share them with you.

1. When searching for customers, we can search for buy+product name in the browser;

2. Price+ Product Name. Some of the information obtained through this method can often enable you to find many retailers and distributors selling products online, and some of the search results are some market reports and articles on product prices. If it is relatively new data can be used as a reference;

3. Put quotation marks on key words. How to operate: Search for “Product Name importers” or “Product Name Importers” and enter quotation marks together when typing.

Using the above search method can help us find the purchase information that may be ignored by us, and can help us remove some of the messy information so as to find more accurate customers.

The above is the method of customer development introduced to you. Please try it quickly.


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