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What about the loss of foreign trade customers? Remedy by mail

Recently, a small partner and I talked about the loss of customers. His website sells kitchen utensils and cleaning products. From monthly statistics, we know that the website traffic and orders are not bad, but the re-purchase rate is low. A considerable number of customers have not placed another order after buying it once or twice.

What about the loss of foreign trade customers? Remedy by mail
What about the loss of foreign trade customers? Remedy by mail

We analyzed and ruled out the cause of the website itself, and found that he did not have a kind of consciousness to actively maintain customer relations.
For customers who have purchased commodities, they actually recognize your products and websites. Of course, some non-essential items will not be purchased frequently, but we should not ignore the purchasing potential of these lost customers. If a customer does not place an order within 1 or 2 years, it does not mean TA will never place another order. The most common way to maintain customer relations in foreign trade is to push mail.

So, what skills will not cause inefficient mail?

I. Attractive Headlines The purpose of the title is to attract the recipient to open the mail. The tone of suggestion or instruction in the title can affect the customer’s clicking intention and encourage the customer to complete the conversion after receiving the mail. In addition, clever use of emoticons can make the mail more eye-catching and easily attract the attention of the recipient. The following are two examples:

? Receive 50% off in last day.Do you still miss it? (50% discount on the last day, do you still want to miss it? ) ? Please put it into your shopping cart. )

II. Concise and Clear Contents ? Font format (10-12 font size is better) is unified, avoid the whole colorful size, avoid full capitalization, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of reading, let a person dislike

? Promotion methods and incentives should be concise and to the point, and 2-3 maps from different angles should be prepared for comparison.

? According to the commodities purchased by the customers, several related or matched other commodities are recommended incidentally. Maybe the customer is looking for a match.

III. The use of holidays ?

During the holidays, everyone will spend their time in places they are interested in. At this time, we should make good use of this opportunity. Send a thank-you email to customers on the eve of holidays.

In the background of some online platforms, a large number of holiday email templates are provided and can be directly used by everyone. Of course, you can also edit and save your own templates. Using this kind of mail can help to cultivate customer’s viscosity and make your brand more prominent.

Four, to avoid unplanned frequent transmission Please don’t send it frequently. Is it still rare to be directly blacked out? While annoying, there is also the possibility of being blocked by the mail server. What we send is push mail, not talk business mail. Customers only choose to check it in fragments, so we choose to push it after work in the evening, on weekends and holidays.


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