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  • Ten foreign trade companies and nine Hong Kong companies

    Hong Kong Companies’ Assistance to Foreign Trade Hong Kong companies do not need to employ staff in the office space in the process of engaging in foreign trade business, which is very helpful for the initial start-up of foreign trade. At the same time, Hong Kong companies’ help in foreign trade business is also reflected in the following aspects: 1. Hong Kong companies tax returns Hong Kong companies generally file tax returns for the first time 18 months after their establishment and once a year. There are fewer taxes and the tax rate is low. The main tax category is profits tax (16.5%). Companies apply the principle of taxation from regional sources, that is, profits are no longer generated in Hong Kong and profits come from overseas. They can apply for exemption from profits tax, which can achieve the effect of tax relief for foreign trade enterprises. 2. Hong Kong’s entrepot trade The main purpose of Hong Kong companies’ assistance to foreign trade is to reduce the tax cost of the companies through entrepot trade and accelerate the accumulation of…

    November 12, 2019
  • Which foreign trade company is the most promising?

    Many foreign trade people will struggle with such a question: what kind of company is a good choice? On this issue, I have several suggestions: 01 Students ask questions Sam, hello. I have been working for a year and have been in two companies. Basically, apart from Ali platform, there are no resources inclined to me, and the company is not even sure about the quality of the factory. Now I quit my job, but I still want to engage in foreign trade. I don’t know how to choose a suitable company for myself. I am very confused. 02 My advice It is very difficult to choose a suitable company once. And, what is suitable? And what are your specialties? What kind of working environment and atmosphere do you need? What kind of industry do you like? I think you can pay attention to these two aspects: 1) The general situation of the company and how about its boss I don’t think as a foreign trader with enough working experience, the most important thing is to learn something and get…

    November 9, 2019
  • PanPay Romantic “Encounter” Fair to Make Foreign Traders Free of Difficult Money

    From October 21 to 25, the 25th China Yiwu International Commodities (Standards) Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Fair”) was held in Yiwu International Expo Center. As a model of China-Europe financial science and technology cooperation, PanPay appeared at the Fair, adhering to the concept of “from banks to foreign trade enterprises” and realizing in-depth exchanges with more foreign trade enterprises. It is understood that the Fair was founded in 1995 and is one of the three major export commodities exhibitions sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce. It is also a domestic consumer goods exhibition with considerable scale, influence and effectiveness. It is also the first international exhibition with the theme of standards in the country. The fair has more than 3,700 international standard booths covering nine major industries of hardware, mechanical and electrical machinery, electronics and electrical appliances, daily necessities, arts and crafts ornaments, cultural offices, toys, sports and outdoor leisure products, and textiles. It is expected to attract more than 50,000 professional merchants to participate in the fair. As a technology and finance institution holding the digital banking license…

    November 9, 2019